Help budget for the greatest day of your life with a wedding loan to help towards that dream dress or idyllic honeymoon with help from Moolr.

Need help with your big day? We all know that a wedding day can be a very costly affair, and however hard you have been saving for it, it often isn’t enough. If you’re falling just short of what you need to make the day perfect, then a wedding loan could be the answer. Moolr could help, and help broker a loan for you for between £1,000 and £5,000, which you can then pay back over a one to two year period.

There are more costs apart from the day itself. Perhaps you need help getting your partner that special engagement and/or wedding ring. If so, Moolr can help and remove some of the stress associated with a wedding. Perhaps on the day you need help to pay for a great DJ, or the flowers? This is why a wedding loan could be the answer to your prayers.