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£1000 12 month loan for whatever you desire. Discover what Moolr can do for you today, and locate the perfect £1000 24 month loan right now.

How long does it last?

Moolr offer loans from 3 months all the way to 5 years.

Our loans are flexible, and the borrower must decide what loan period is best for them. Borrowers should judge over what period they can comfortably make repayments, without affecting their existing financial commitments.

To state the obvious, the shorter the loan period, such as for a 3 month loan or a 6 month loan, the less time you have in which to pay the money.

Bad Credit Loans

Moolr specialise in finding finance for those that may have been turned down in the past. A mixed credit history should not be a deal-breaker for you getting a loan. Moolr will help you today. What’s more, by successfully taking out a loan and repaying on time, you can repair broken credit scores. It’s a win-win situation.

If your credit rating isn’t up to scratch but you still find yourself in need of extra money, then a specialised bad credit loan may be exactly what you need.

Credit Ratings

Your credit rating is essentially your financial footprint and is improved or worsened depending on your financial activity throughout your life. It is highly recommended that you regularly check out your credit rating. Thus you can see why you have your particular score, and where improvements can be made. Also, do not assume the report is always 100% accurate. It is not. Research has shown that up to a third of credit reports have contained errors. You may have been turned down for credit in the past because of an error. Check your report regularly to ensure this does not happen in the future. A bad score can be attained various ways. This might be for missing finance payments, defaulting on loans, missing bill payments and more.

If you are finding yourself declined for credit, then the chances are your credit rating is to blame. Your first port of call should be to work to improve it, but in the meantime if you find yourself in need of a bit of extra cash then don’t worry, there are options still available to you.

Debt Consolidation Loans

If you’ve got multiple debts that you are currently paying off then you might want to consider taking out a debt consolidation loan in order to simplify, and in some cases reduce, repayments. Any short term loan can be considered a debt consolidation loan. You may find one debt with regular repayments a lot less stressful and easier to deal with than multiple debts needing separate payments at different times. Just as importantly, it may often be much cheaper to consolidate debts too.

What is debt consolidation and how does it work?

As the name suggests, debt consolidation loans allow you to consolidate all of your existing debt repayments into one monthly payment plan, often at a reduced rate with a longer term. You take out one loan worth more than the sum of all of your existing loans. You pay that off. Use the money borrowed to pay off the previous debt. You will often be able to opt for a reduced monthly payment plan, though doing so will mean that you ultimately pay more than you would otherwise due to interest accrued. Research what is best for you, and allows you to love your life with peace of mind.

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Could credit report errors be hampering your application?

Keep getting declined? Over 33% of reports contain an error which can stop you being accepted.
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£1000 loans over 24 months are a genuine option for many

At Moolr, we we utilise our wealth of experience. Moolr help borrowers. We help hundreds every day find the perfect deal. Experienced lenders can help borrowers with bad or mixed credit histories. We provide an opportunity for such borrowers to rebuild their credit scores,in order that they have greater opportunities in the future. We will locate £1000 loans over 24 months to suit any individual. Moolr source the deals. We provide you with all the information to make a measured decision.

Opt for a £1000 24 month loan, and make your repayments on time, as you create an excellent opportunity. Create an opportunity to rebuild your credit score, You create a greater choice of financial products at excellent rates to choose in the future. you also give yourself peace of mind also. Ensure no avenues are blocked off in future. It is imperative though that you do not miss payments, as this could have a negative effect on your credit rating. Therefore, look at our advice section. Peruse the blog section too, for a fuller understanding of what we do. See what is available on the market. Budget accordingly to any quote you receive.

Make Regular Repayments</h3

Make regular repayments. Ensure this, as controlling your finances is priceless. Look for the best deal. Help yourself. Reduce steadily what you have to pay back. Moolr will look for you, it is what we are passionate about and what we focus on. Look around our site. See what is available. Sort your finances.


£1000 loans over 24 months are an excellent method of spreading borrowing costs. They also carry a slightly lower risk to those lending than say, a 48 month loan, as there are only a half of the repayments required. Hence, this reduces the chances of a repayment being missed. Our longest repayment term is for 60 month loans.

Let Moolr Assist you Today

Moolr specialise in £1000 24 month loans for those with bad credit so if you apply via us, we will find the deal right for you. A deal it must be stressed you are under NO obligation to proceed with. Take control of your finances today. Sort out financial problems and plan a brighter future.

To reiterate, proceed with a loan only when you have no doubts about the repayment terms or the period. Sit down, plan ahead, and be in control of your own destiny. Contact us, and read our articles, to give yourself a fuller idea of what is involved. Take control, and demand a brighter future. Check our articles on bad credit. Read our information on credit reports. Also seek out advice on saving money.

Control your own finances. Do your research and decide your best options. Consider how you have got into debt. Make savings and cutbacks if necessary. Pay off existing debts if you cam. Plot your path so that you ensure peace of mind regarding your financial situation. Look at what Moolr can do you for you, then decide whether a loan is right for you. See what other finance options are out there. Examine the market, as choice is plentiful.

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