How To Book The Cheapest Flights

The buzz of booking a flight to foreign climes is hard to beat, but we all try and do so for as cheap a price as possible. There is such a range of prices out there for air flight, it pays to do research and source the best deal. Moolr have looked at how to […]

Save Money On Your Car – Part 2

In my last blog, I took a look at how to save money on your car. But there were other ways that we did not have time to cover. By being proactive and using some initiative, it is always possible to get your costs down. Moolr took another look at ways to save money on […]

What is a flexible loan?

A flexible loan is like most other loans where your credit history plays a crucial part in whether you are eligible for a flexible loan. This is subject to each lender who will have their own criteria which can include how your history of borrowing loans from them.  Options When Applying When applying for this […]

Save Money On Your Car

When we look to budget and control what we spend when times are tough, for many a key cost is the motor vehicle we operate. They can hoover up large chunks of what we earn. But they are essential to many of our lives. However, despite the cost of petrol, insurance and the vehicles themselves, […]

Tips If Struggling With Debt

Borrowing money, whether it is from a lender or even from a friend or family member, always relies on trust. Trust from the lender that the debt will be repaid in full. Trust that terms will be kept to. Thus if you are struggling with debt, it can add extra stress to feel that you […]

How To Cut Travel Costs

We often overlook when planning our finances just how much many of us spend on travel. Be it work or pleasure, a large chunk of our hard-earned money can be lost just by getting from one place to another. And back. But there are usually ways of reducing what we spend. Moolr looked at how […]

Budget Gift Ideas

For those that live on a budget, it can be a constant strain and worry as the next birthday of a loved one appears on the horizon. More cost to add to your already stretched budget. But impending birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc does not have to be a problem. You can improvise, be creative and […]

Free Things To Do In The Countryside

If you are looking for something to do without denting your wallet, the countryside is the place to do it, a vast expense of the country waiting for you to explore. Moolr have put together some free things to do in the countryside. Walk! Fitness permitting, walking in the UK countryside is one of the […]

Free Things To Do In A City

Many of us often assume that to have fun and go out costs money. Often it does. But every city on the planet offers a wealth of free activities constantly that allows you to have an active social life without breaking the bank. Using my home city of Manchester as an example, I have had […]

A Look At Council Tax

We are all aware of council tax. That monthly bill for 10 months of the year that seems to go up every year whilst we bemoan the value for money we get for it. But how much do you really know about it? Moolr took a look at council tax. Who pays council tax? Everyone […]