A Look At Shared Finances

When we talk about taking a look at shared finances, we mean where two people, usually a couple, have joint financial information. This is quite common in the UK as you may expect, but its implications are not always realised. Finances and credit facilities often link to each other in the modern world, and you […]

What Phishing Is & How To Prevent It

We have all probably heard the word phishing, but many will not know what it means, or even how to spell it! But it is a huge issue in the modern world of technology and easy access to our finances. It is vital that we all take the time and effort to prevent those looking […]

Does Having Multiple Credit Cards Affect Credit Score?

There is no legal limit to how many credit cards you are allowed to have at any one time. It is, ultimately, up to the credit card issuers. We will help you work out how many credit cards you should have depending on your needs. And what to do if you think you have got […]

Are debt consolidation loans bad for credit?

We all want to get rid of debt. Debt is costly and can prevent us from reaching financial goals. Some people consider credit card debt bad and mortgage or student loan debt good. The truth is that having any debt means you are financially beholden to a creditor. You cannot put your money in your […]

What Is Considered A Good Credit Score?

For many of us, credit scores are a vital component of our lives, even if we rarely give them much thought. As borrowing is an integral part of many of our lives, from mortgages to loans to credit cards, our credit score is vital to how we do business. For many, a poor credit score […]

Change your Routine To Save Money

At Moolr, we always advise those on a tight budget to to fully detail what goes in and out of their accounts. Work out a budget and then stick to it to avoid the stress of unmanageable debt. Nevertheless, for many that try their hardest to love within their means, the figures do not add […]

Bad Ways To Borrow Money

At Moolr, we are passionate about sourcing loans for all, whatever your credit history. However, we only look to fond money for those for whom a loan is the best option. We always ask those looking to borrow to do their research and ascertain whether there are better alternatives before proceeding. Nevertheless, a personal loan […]

Credit Card Protection

The news that Thomas Cook has ceased trading and gone into liquidation has sent shock-waves around the UK and the retail and holiday industries. 9000 staff in the UK will sadly lose their jobs, whilst tens of thousands of holidaymakers find themselves stranded abroad. But what this event has also brought into focus is the […]

How to Save On The Quiet

For those looking to improve their financial situation, the hope is always that earnings can be increased at some point so that no sacrifices need to be made. We look to improve our income rather than reduce our outgoings. We do not after all want to reduce our quality of life. However, the reality for […]

How To Cut Down On Online Spending

Online shopping has been a great advance for all internet users and purchasers around the world. But it can also be dangerous, especially for those on a limited budget. Having such easy access to all the goods possible is tempting, and can encourage us to spend beyond our means, and spend when normally we would […]