Short Term Loans vs Long Term Loans

So, you wonder occasionally already how is a short term loan any different to a longer-term loan? Well, besides paying back over a shorter period, there are different costs, restrictions and conveniences that split long and short term loans. As the names suggest, the biggest difference between long and short term loans is the time […]

Different Types Of Loans

I decided to write this blog because there are so many names for loans out there, it must be extremely confusing for potential borrowers. To make matters worse, many of the loans are the same product, simply going under a different name. Thus we decided to break down the different types of loans.  Different Types […]

Financial Terms Glossary – M & N

In the latest of the series, we look at some more financial terms. This time we look at the letters L & M in the alphabet. We hope that by explaining commonly used terms you get a fuller understanding of financial products. We will eventually work our way through the entire alphabet to give you […]

More Items To Clear From Your House

In our last article we looked at a variety of items you could get rid of to declutter your property. However, there were so many things on the list, we decided to do a 2nd article. So here are some more items to clear from your house. Computer Equipment USB sticks, HDMI leads, endless other […]

How To Declutter Your House

Or to put it another way get rid of stuff you don’t need! For me, January is a good time to have a rethink about what i have at home. And perhaps make a few much-need pounds along the way.  We all hold stuff stored away that we think we may need in the future […]

The Best Money-Saving Deals

This is a great time of the year for money off deals and bargains, though sometimes it feels like all of the year is! But there are certainly a glut of deals right now as retailers try to get business after the excesses of December and Christmas. We took a look at the best money-saving […]

Ways To Learn Things For Free

  In a recent blog, I looked at the bad aspects of making new years resolutions. Nevertheless, many of us will use a new year to make changes to our lives. This is fine. But we thought it might be useful to look at how we can do these changes. And we started by looking […]

Things You’re Entitled To Refunds For

There is little doubt that we all waste a lot of money over the passing of time. Be it wasted food, clothes we barely or never wear, or simply bad decisions or mistakes. There’s no avoiding losing money at some point, but there is definitely ways we can make those losses smaller. One way is […]

What Are The Different Types of Credit Loans?

As you may or may not know there are several types of loan on the market. So here at Moolr we have put together a quick breakdown to help you understand the difference between them. Loans allow you to borrow a fixed amount of money and repay it in equal amounts. The borrower does this […]

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

It may be a tad late to mention this,but you need to abandon any resolutions you have made. They don’t work. If yours still are, that is great, but the reasons may be different to what you think. and you should not treat them as resolutions, but lifestyle changes. But new year resolutions do not […]