Frequently Asked Loan Questions Answered – Part 3

In the final part of our series, we look once more at frequently asked loan questions. These are the sort of enquiries we get on a daily basis by those who need more details before committing to a loan. We’re happy to help and set some records straight and dispel some myths at the same […]

How To Use A Short Term Loan Wisely?

Many people in the UK will at some point in time turn to a short term loan in one way or another. Whether in the form of payday loans online or perhaps other types of short term funding. They tend to be a very convenient way of accessing cash. The application processes will usually be […]

Frequently Asked Loan Questions Answered – Part 2

In our last blog, we answered some common questions about loans that people often ask us when contacting the company. But having published the article, we realised there was still much ground to cover. So here is part two of a series. Frequently Asked Loan Questions Answered – Part 2. How Does Borrowing Affect My […]

Frequently Asked Loan Questions Answered

Whilst we have written a wealth of advice on this site over the past few years, it is easy for the information to be lost amongst all the content. Therefore we like to periodically refresh information and update our advice. With that in mind, we decided to take another look at common enquiries we receive […]

Tips For Setting Up Your Own Blog

Blogging is a huge industry nowadays. There are many thousands of people out there providing an alternative viewpoint and advice to the traditional media. We are better off for it. But blogging is a considerable undertaking, and requires commitment. We listed some tips for setting up your own blog. Tips For Setting Up Your Own […]

It’s Ok To Borrow

Borrowing is something we all do, unless you are super wealthy. Even then, in business, you may borrow anyway, in huge amounts. And yet there is still a reluctance to do it. We argue that it’s OK to borrow. It’s Ok To Borrow – Why The Stigma? There are two reasons for me. Firstly, it […]

How To Improve Your Social Media Experience

It is a modern phenomenon that social media has made the world a more unstable place, and a more unpleasant one too. It has brought many wonderful things to the table also, but it can be damaging to so many. I am glad I did not grow up in a social media age. However, it […]

Save Money In Your Home

We write extensively here at Moolr about saving money and making your pennies and pounds go further. But what better place is there to start than your own home?! WE look at how you can make your property more efficient for you. And for your bank balance. Here’s how to save money in your home. […]

The Basics Of Borrowing

We thought it a good time to look at the basics of borrowing. For many it is almost a dirty word, because it involves going into debt. But virtually all of us do it, repeatedly too, so we decided to examine what is involved. And also the options you may choose in a crowded market. […]

How Can A Quick Cash Loan Help Me?

Sometimes you can be left with an unexpected financial emergency and will be in need of a quick loan to cover urgent bills, sometimes you just need a fast, short term loan solution to cover immediate costs. Unexpected expenses can appear quickly. They could be a medical emergency, a car repair or perhaps a boiler […]