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The Importance Of Setting Financial Goals

It cannot be underestimated the importance of setting financial goals, especially if money is important to you, and you do not have unlimited funds. And most of us have to watch our pennies and pounds carefully. Here are some tips on what you should constantly be doing. Long-Term Goals Some of us have lofty goals, […]

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Balance transfer credit cards are a hugely popular credit item in the UK for those moving debt around to attract the best interest rates. We took a lot at what they are, and their advantages and disadvantages. Balance Transfer Credit Cards – A Definition. Balance transfer cards are a popular choice because of their obvious […]

What Are Logbook Loans?

What are logbook loans? A fair question to ask, as many will have never heard of this rather niche type of loan. We took a look at what they are, and whether they have a place in the modern loan marketplace. What Are Logbook Loans? A Definition. Logbook loans are a specific type of loan […]

What Is Considered A Good Credit Score?

What is considered a good credit score? That is open to interpretation and discussion and depends somewhat on what you require from your credit score. There are different levels of “good”. We took a look at what is involved. What Is A Credit Score? A credit score is a three-digit figure that ranges from 300 […]

Personal Loans Explained

When people look to take out loans, the terminology can easily confuse. Loans can be short-term, personal, unsecured, flexible, payday and more. But what does it all mean? We took a look at one term that is a catch-all for most loans that individuals take out. Here are personal loans explained. Personal Loans v Secured […]

The Lowdown On Short Term Loans

We decided to lay out the lowdown on short term loans, and see what they are and what is involved for those using them. Short Term Loans Defined Short-term loans are those in which a lender lends you money for a period of time up to £5000. You pay back the loan in a short […]

The Benefits Of Flexible Loans

Flexible loans give people who need money the most a way to get it. Moolr can find funding for anyone, regardless of their background. Only individuals for whom a loan is the best alternative are considered. Request a free quote today to see what we can achieve for you. for those unsure of what is […]

How To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

There are millions in the UK and beyond who saddle themselves with relentless credit card debt. But how can this situation be ended, apart from suddenly getting a huge pay rise?!! Well it is not easy, but there are steps you can take to reduce your debt over time. We take a look at how […]

Buy To Let Mortgages

Buy to let mortgages are not a common area of concern for many, but for those interested in them it is important to be fully aware of how they differ from conventional mortgages. We took a look at what is involved, and whether they may be something you could prosper from. Buy To Let Mortgages […]

The Pros And Cons Of Debt Consolidation

A common step to take for many when struggling with debt, or simply juggling multiple lines of credit, is to move all that debt to a single place. This is a good idea for many, but it is not always the best solution, depending on circumstances. With that in mind, we decided to take a […]

Unsecured Loans Examined

Unsecured loans are those that do not require lenders to insist on collateral from borrowers. Borrowers qualify themselves based on their credit history and income rather than by committing assets. If borrowers default on unsecured loans, lenders do not have the ability to seize physical assets such as a home or automobile.Because all you bring […]

Why People Get Different Rates On Loans

Advertising is a multibillion-pound industry with a proven track record of success. This is also true in the area of personal loans. In a crowded market, every cent counts, and a competitive interest rate is the primary incentive for potential borrowers. Rates splattered on your screen in large characters. However, this is not the rate […]

Essential Steps To Improve Your Finances

With many struggling financially right now,pressures arriving from all sides, it may be pertinent to reexamine what we can do to keep our money working for us to its full potential. We listed some essential steps to improve your finances.   Check Standing Orders & Direct Debits It’s possible you’ve forgotten about some! Subscriptions to […]

Ecological Money Saving Ideas

In many past articles we have explored ways to save money and make every penny go further. But in the current climate, there is a need to do this and think about the environment too, as we all must. We took a look at some ecological money saving ideas. Free water and energy-saving tools Reducing […]

Protections Within Your Credit Card

Your credit card comes with built-in insurance that protects you while making specific purchases. Not everyone is aware of this fact. When you spend more than £100, the insurance kicks in. Thus, you are legally protected. So don’t worry if you receive a damaged item, one that isn’t as advertised, or anything that never arrives. […]

What Are Cash Advances?

It’s possible that your card will include the option to perform a cash advance transaction. When you need cash from your credit card, you might want to consider using it. However, be aware that it is one of the most costly credit card transactions. We take a closer look at a frequently asked question: what […]

How To Check Credit Reports

Credit ratings are crucial for everyone wishing to borrow money or who utilises money in their daily lives. With an excellent score, you’ll be able to get the best deals on the market at the best prices. A lower credit score, on the other hand, will limit the amount of money you can borrow. Furthermore, […]