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Ways To Prevent Overspending

It has been important to me in 2021 to find ways to prevent overspending, as i attempt to pay off persistent long-term debt. And it is not easy, because quite simply life is very expensive! So i decided i needed a plan, and have written in this article some of the tips i discovered along […]

Preparing For Your First Mortgage

If you’re considering purchasing a home, you’ll need to know how to prepare for a mortgage application. For first-time buyers, purchasing a home is thrilling, but it can also be stressful. Put yourself in the best possible situation. Knowing how to effectively prepare yourself so that the application process goes well when the time comes […]

State Pensions – An Overview

What money we have after we stop working is crucial to the quality of life we will get to enjoy. Many of us will have private set ups, but for many, what the government give us will be key to survival. But what will we get. We took a look at state pensions. State Pensions […]

How To Declare Bankruptcy

It’s critical to consider your options thoroughly before declaring bankruptcy. Learn more about it, then speak with a free debt expert to see if bankruptcy is the best method to pay off or eliminate your obligations. This information is only for residents of England and Wales. We took a look at how to declare bankruptcy, […]

How To Make A Financial Complaint

If you’re dissatisfied with the service you’ve received from your bank, financial adviser, or any other financial institution, don’t put up with it. First, speak with them and explain the situation. They might be able to help you right away. If talking things out doesn’t work, you may always file a formal complaint. If it’s […]

What Inflation Means For Savings

In the current economic climate, inflation has been a major issue for people with savings and investments, eroding a significant portion of their money’s purchasing value. You must grasp inflation and what it means for your financial planning in order to appropriately save and invest. We took a look at what inflation means for savings. […]

Cheaper TV Watching Alternatives

As anyone in the UK with a satellite subscription knows, watching television can be very expensive indeed. If you want most of the popular TV services, you can easily spend well over £100 a month just on this one item. It is ridiculous. But there are ways round this. To maintain the choice without breaking […]

Tax On Savings

Learn how Cash ISAs, the Personal Savings Allowance, Premium Bonds, and the starting rate can help you save money and avoid paying tax on it. Tax on savings is something that is overlooked, after all. Often, there is no tax at all, thanks to something called a Personal Savings Allowance (PSA), which removes or decreases […]

Create The Perfect CV

The goal of your CV (curriculum vitae) is to give a potential employer a summary of your qualifications. As a result, there is certain essential information that you must include. It should include information about you, your professional background, as well as your talents, abilities, and accomplishments. Finally, it should demonstrate why you are the […]

Are Long Term Mortgages A Good Idea?

Mortgages are harder and harder to get, especially for first time buyers. As property prices continue to get larger, many see the only solution is to buy property with a much longer repayment period. But is this wise? We look at the question of whether long term mortgages a good idea? Why Their Popularity? Because […]

More Christmas Budgeting Tips

As an addition to our recent budgeting articles that have revolved around this costly time of year, we decided to delve deeper and present some more Christmas budgeting tips. Don’t Go For Expensive Brand Names Quality does not have to directly link to price. and there is no better example than perfume. Forget about shopping […]

Save Money On Christmas Presents

At the most expensive time of the year, it can be troublesome fort hose that struggle throughout the year to make ends meet to get presents for loved ones. And many feel pressured to do so, and spend a lot of money, money that they do not have. But there is a better way. You […]

Budgeting For Christmas

It is that time of year again. It always seems to come round quicker and quicker each year. And while most of us love what Xmas offers, for those with little money to spare, it can be a nightmare. So we take a further look at budgeting for Christmas. You can have your cake AND […]

Reduce Your Bills

I think it is fair to say we would all like to lower what we pay for stuff right now, and with energy prices skyrocketing, this has never been more pertinent. So we took a new look at ways to reduce your bills. Reduce Your Bills – Gas & Electricity Gas and electricity are most […]

The Lowdown On Interest Rates

It is an aspect that many overlook when searching for credit. Namely, how much extra will they have to pay back. And key tot his is not just the repayment period but the interest rate attached to the loan. Many do not understand the true intricacies of these added charges, so here is the lowdown […]

How To Start A Pension Pot

We all need to make provisions for when we are no longer working, as of course we will still need money to survive. But for many, it is hard to get going in putting away money. It does not have to be an impossible dream however, whatever your situation. We look at how to start […]

Save On Xmas Presents

If money is tight, this is not a good time of the year. So as we have done in the past, we thought it a good idea to look at how you can make your money go as far as possible over the festive period. Here is how to save on Xmas presents. Save On […]