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Why Are House Prices Rising?

If you are remotely thinking about moving home over the past year or more, you will have noticed that property prices continue to rise. Damning if you are trying to get on the property ladder. We expect them to rise, but the rate has stunned many. But why is this? Why are house prices rising […]

More Energy Saving Ideas

It is a desperate time for millions of us looking to get by as energy prices look set to rise and rise. So we thought it pertinent to continue to look at way of cutting energy use. And ways to become more efficient. Here are some more energy saving ideas that can save us all […]

Do I Need A Loan?

Regardless of how well you budget each month and maintain track of your finances, the unavoidable happens from time to time. When problems arise, you will require emergency finances. A bill arrives unexpectedly, or your kitchen leaks. Your car’s exhaust system fails, or a child requires financial assistance. Taking out a short-term loan is one […]

Make Your Podcast A Success

When many, if not all, of us are stranded at home, we look for ways to entertain ourselves and keep ourselves engaged. Podcasts have never been more popular than they are now. So, some of you may be thinking about dipping your toes in the water. Here are our thoughts on how to make your […]

Tips For Self Employment

Making the decision to leave a steady job and work for yourself is one of the most difficult and frightening decisions you can make. It’s also a lot of fun and often liberating. However, it is unquestionably dangerous, and should only be undertaken with caution and after much planning. Moolr decided to compile a list […]

The UK Rental Situation

The housing market has seen huge changes and upheavals over the last couple of years, as people make new priorities in life and reassess their situation. We took a look at the UK rental situation. Rent Continues To Rise. The average cost of renting a home is close to £1,000 per month, thanks to rising […]

How Sellers Can Seal A Deal

Shopping cart abandonment is one of the most serious issues in online selling: when customers fail to complete the purchase they started. According to studies, the average percentage of online shopping cart abandonment is 69.2 percent. This article examines why customers abandon shopping carts and how sellers can seal a deal with better conversion rates. […]

A Look At State Pensions

Pensions are a necessary tool for most of us to provide for ourselves after we stop working. Having monies set aside during your working years is essential for retirement. But what is the state pension worth? Moolr took a look at state pensions. Amounts Vary The type a person inherits is determined by their birth […]

How To Source A Flexible Loan

If you need to know how to source a flexible loan then you have come to the right place. We take a look at the process, what is involved and the criteria you may have to pass for a lender to accept you for credit. Source A Flexible Loan – Make your Choice Consider the […]

Saving Money Tips

Many of us need to make our money go as far as possible right now, and make every penny count. So we thought it a good time to revisit a past topic, one that could help readers of our blogs. And that is how ti be able to put money aside for when needed. Here […]

More Energy Bill Tips

Following our last article, we thought it worth speaking more on a very current problem for millions in the UK. So here are some more energy bill tips. Turn Your Thermostat Down This is one of the simplest tasks on the list. Expect to save 4%-ish per degree you lower the thermostat, or roughly £65 […]

Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Like millions of others, you may be very worried about the rise in energy prices in recent months, and especially after April 2022. But why there may not be proper ways to reduce your energy bill, there may be ways to take the sting out of price rises. We took a look at what you […]

Getting A Mortgage With Bad Credit

One thing is certain: purchasing a home with negative credit is a difficult undertaking. There are, nevertheless, many reasons to remain positive. Getting a mortgage with bad credit is possible, but it takes perseverance and patience.  Credit Score Appraisal Before you start looking into buying a house, you should first check your credit score. You […]

Payday Loans Alternatives

Payday loans have had a rough ride in the media in past years, due to the interest rates that come with them. They still exist though. As with any loan, we at Moolr always recommend you look at all options before borrowing. So here are some payday loans alternatives. Payday Loans Alternatives – Sell Possessions […]

Finances To Check Before The Tax Year Ends

With winter behind us and spring on its way, you might want to think about getting out in the garden or doing some spring cleaning around the house. But there are monetary considerations to take into account too. Here are the finances to check before the tax year ends. Finances To Check Before The Tax […]

Steps To Take When You Lose Your Job

Losing a job, and often your financial stability with it, can be a horrible feeling. And a tough situation to deal with. But what can you do to make things better? We looked at the steps to take when you lose your job. Know Your Rights – The Legal Stuff Every business has its own […]

Credit Card FAQ

Credit cards are everywhere, a part of many of our lives. And yet so many of us don’t know the true story on what they are, how they work and how best we can use them. With that in mind, we decided to do a credit card FAQ.  The Concept Of Credit Cards Instead of […]