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More Writing Tips

After our last blog, we thought there was more to say about producing good content. So with that in mind, here are some more writing tips. AI Programs? This will split opinion, big-time. Many think of such programs as a cancer on writing. But it depends what your writing sets out to achieve. If you […]

Good Writing Practices

As many turn to writing, blogging and the like, we thought it a good idea to look at some good writing practices, to make you better at your craft. Clarity Is Key When it comes to content creation, clarity should always come first. Flare can be confusing to your audience and might stand in the […]

Prioritising Your Debts

If you have multiple debts to deal with, it is important to sit down and work out what you owe and how to rid yourself of them. We take a look at prioritising debts. Debt Is Stressful When you have limited means (thus the debt), paying off debt can feel insurmountable, like fighting the tide. […]

More Motoring Tips

We took a look at some more motoring tips in order to save you some money during these difficult times. More Motoring Tips – Do Your Own Fixes Around 35% of automobiles fail their MOT test the first time, and far too many of them do so for a simple, preventable cause. Fixing problems is […]

Tips To Reduce Motoring Costs

With costs rising across the board, we decided to take a look at another area where you may be able to save money. Here are some tips to reduce motoring costs. Insurance Third-party insurance is the bare minimum of coverage required to lawfully drive on the road. It’s not where you end up after a […]

Home Working Tips

With many people not returning to offices as we all try to return to normality, i thought it a good time to look at those that will not be returning to old habits. Here are our home working tips. Establishing Boundaries Setting boundaries is essential for actual efficiency when working from home. Your workspace, not […]

Loan Qualification Criteria

We often get enquiries from people asking if they would pass the application test for credit. So we decided to discuss the loan qualification criteria. Loan Qualification Criteria – Age Repayments and regulations governing acts permitted to minors are the main reasons for age limitations on lending. If a loan is not repaid, the next […]

Ways To Borrow Small Amounts

Borrowing money is commonplace. We’ve all done it at one point or another, and almost all of us are currently repaying debt. It could be a loan, a mortgage, a new automobile, or something else else. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Many people require a short-term loan when something unexpected occurs in their lives. […]

Financial Myths

The quantity of credit and financial myths we constantly read online astounded us at Moolr. We decided it was past time to debunk a few of them. Financial Myths – Blacklists Are Not Really A Thing You’ve certainly heard about the dreaded “blacklists” that people are put on if they fall behind on payments or have […]

Income Tax Explained

So, everyone has heard of this tax, but how many truly understand what it involves, and what they pay as part of their earnings? Well, let’s find out. Here is income tax explained. Income Tax Explained – Definition Uniquely, this form of tax is a type of tax that UK taxpayers pay on their earnings […]

Avoiding Inheritance Tax

The estate (the property, money, and possessions) of someone who has died is subject to inheritance tax. We looked at fair ways of avoiding inheritance tax because it can cost someone a lot of money. Who Pays The Tax? HM Revenue and Customs receives funds from your estate to pay Inheritance Tax (HMRC). The person […]

Budgeting For A Rented Property

Purchasing your first house can be a stressful experience for some people. We understand that you may need a rapid cash loan to obtain that mortgage or make an early rental payment. We’ve put together a few pointers to help those budgeting for a rented property. Budgeting For A Rented Property – Decide What You […]

The Most Popular Things To Save For

Life’s big moments have a history of becoming very expensive. As a result, it’s critical to recognise this and plan ahead as much as possible. Here are s the most popular things to save for throughout our lives that you should be aware of. Property House prices have soared in recent decades, This has been […]

How To Succeed At Dieting

Tips for adhering to a diet seemed like an excellent topic for my next blog because I just realised that lockdowns haven’t been good for my waistline, despite the fact that my alcohol consumption has decreased over the last year. So I’ve been thinking about how to do that while also regaining some energy. This […]

Cash Advances Explained

Your credit card may provide the ability to perform a cash advance transaction. When you need cash from your credit card, you might think about using it. However, be aware that it is one of the most costly credit card transactions. Here is cash advances explained. Advances Defined A cash advance on your credit card […]

Lower Travel Costs

When it comes to budgeting, we often ignore how much money we spend on vacation. Whether for work or pleasure, a significant portion of our hard-earned money might be lost simply by travelling from one location to another. And back. However, there are typically ways to save money. Moolr investigated ways to lower travel costs. […]

Places To Keep Your Money

When we think of places to keep money, we automatically gravitate towards banks, the natural place to go, surely? But not necessarily so. We look at other options for storing your cash. Under The Mattress “Out of sight, out of mind, perhaps?  Although the money will be nicely hidden, whether you hide it under the […]

Lower Mobile Phone Costs

If you are looking to secure lower mobile phone costs, here is some sound advice. Lower Mobile Phone Costs – Be aware of potential price rises With the 7.5% Retail Price Index and 5.4% Consumer Prices Index rises, those on monthly mobile phone contracts are set to see their bills rise over the coming months. […]