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Interest Rate Rises

With interest rate rises just another way the economy is hitting UK consumers hard, we took a look at what is involved. Base Rates The base rate is the interest rate that the Bank of England (BoE) establishes. The current rate, which governors established at 1.75% on August 4, 2022, represents an increase of 0.5 […]

Energy Price Caps

Ofgem declared last week that it intended to increase the number of energy price caps and amendments it makes each year. We swiftly examine what this can imply for you and discuss strategies for defending your energy rights during this trying time. The Situation The UK’s energy regulator, Ofgem, establishes a price cap twice a […]

Interview Tips

It’s not easy to learn how to perform well in an interview. It involves more than just answering a few questions and dressing nicely. You need planning, a strategy, and a little bit of charm to ace an interview. Here’s how to succeed, whether you have one scheduled or simply want to jump ahead in the […]

Home Equity

Many homeowners may be thinking about home equity release right now. A property’s financial accessibility must be alluring to individuals who require financial access. It is, however, a significant step to take, therefore much consideration should be given before moving further. We looked at some benefits and drawbacks of home equity. What Is Involved Equity […]

Ways To Keep Your Food Bill Down

With inflation set to soar past 10% in the UK, part of the hit consumers has faced has come with the price of eating. We examined some ways to keep your food bill down. Supermarkets Want You To Spend Loads Everything they do is designed for this purpose. Where they place items, colourful displays, offers […]

Looking After Your Finances

In these tough times, it is imperative that we all spend time looking after our finances, and keeping on top of things. Here are some tips to do just that. Reconsider Your Subscriptions The majority of us, in my opinion, are subscribers to services we little or never utilise. Examine your monthly expenses to determine […]

Loan Repayments

You must decide how you will pay back the loan if you ever consider getting one to pay for unforeseen expenses or a significant repair. And by this, I mean how long you must wait before paying it back and how you will include that into current expenses. We considered it prudent to talk about […]

Business Expenses For The Self-Employed

If you work for yourself, your business will incur a variety of operating expenses. As long as these expenses are permissible, you can deduct some of them from your taxable earnings. We took a look at business expenses for the self-employed. Business Expenses For The Self-Employed – Capital Allowances If you use traditional accounting, you […]

Reduce Costs When Renting

Saving money right now is a critical need for the many millions of us who rent our homes. However, there are methods we can do to save those pounds and stretch our money. We looked at ways to reduce costs when renting. Reduce Costs When Renting – Fill The Space You might think about renting […]

Lower Your Energy Bills

The energy price cap, which the authorities currently set at £1,971, is expected to rise to roughly £3,582 in October and then above £4,200 in January, according to grim warnings given to households. Unplugging anything that is not absolutely required, using fans sparingly, and keeping windows closed during a heat wave are all very minor […]

Watch TV For Less Money

Having a satellite subscription in the UK makes watching television possible, but it may be very pricey. Spending only on this one item alone might potentially cost you well over £100 a month We investigated how to watch TV for less money. Now TV The most popular method for obtaining discounted Sky channels is this […]

Monitoring Your Spending

Many people have little knowledge of their spending. When you consider that many of these folks frequently lack money, this is shocking. They would likely be shocked if they checked every outgoing communication. The majority believe that their income should be sufficient, although certain months can be really difficult. Some are a total mess. Just […]

Lowering Your Council Tax

If you are in charge of paying the property’s council tax, you are aware that the amount increases every year. Depending on your band and the value of your property, it might be a sizable sum of money. However, is it feasible that you are overpaying? There are strategies for profiting on the headline figure. […]

Overheating Your Home

In the current climate, overheating your home is a common issue, especially in the UK, where builders design houses to retain heat. We took a look at the issue. Key Factors In modern buildings, there are two basic causes of overheating. The first is climate change. As a result, extreme weather phenomena, such as heat […]

How To Save Water

With drought conditions imminent in the UK, we thought it a good time to look at how to save water. Recycling When washing fruit, vegetables, or dishes, use a bowl in the sink. The waste water can then be used to water your plants. as for quenching a thirst, for times when you want a […]

National Insurance Contributions

National Insurance contributions are essential for those needing help from the state later in life. We took a look at them and the consequences of not making them. What Is It? You pay national insurance to the UK government out of your paycheck. A levy on your income is national insurance. The contributions are then […]

Make The Most Of Running

Due to a frequently inactive lifestyle, I must acknowledge that during the past year, my total amount of exercise has decreased. I eventually gave running a go and detested every minute of it. But I managed to overcome my hatred. Here are some suggestions to make the most of running. Lose The Cynicism I was […]

Responsible Gambling

It is one of the oldest preoccupations in the world – that of having a bet on something. Since the dawn of time, man has bet assets on the outcome of a myriad of situations. And not just sporting events. It is ok to have a bet every now and then, and nothing to be […]

Finding The Cheapest Flights

Prices for air travel have rocketed in recent months, along with many other things. There are still great deals to find though. We looked at tips for finding the cheapest flights. Finding The Cheapest Flights – Search Engines The obvious starting point. After determining that a package offer is not the best value, you must […]