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How To Avoid Supermarkets During The Pandemic

As the UK continues to struggle through a global pandemic, there remains for many the anxiety and fear that comes with social interaction. However, we all have vital supplies we need on a regular basis, and that of course includes food. But you do not have to go near another human being to obtain what you need. We look at how to avoid supermarkets during the pandemic.

Ignore Fake News

I hate that phrase, but it is apt for a news story doing the rounds in the UK this week,, started by Sky News. Wilfully or ignorantly, it misinterpreted some statistics to state that supermarkets are the main source of contracting the coronavirus. This is simply not true – or at least the evidence is not compelling enough to make such a claim. What the study Sky quoted from stated that many people who had caught coronavirus had been in a supermarket in the previous week. This does not mean they caught it there, as most people go in a supermarket during a given week anyway. It was extremely misleading.

You May Still Wish To Avoid Them

Nevertheless, if you are like me, you may still wish to avoid supermarkets and any other shops as much as possible. And you can. Whilst some periods of time are harder to obtain those elusive delivery slots, it is always possible to get your food delivered. Let’s take a look at the options available to you.

How To Avoid Supermarkets During The Pandemic – Supermarket Home Deliveries

The most obvious and popular way to avoid supermarkets is have them deliver shopping to you. The middle ground is a click and collect option that sees you hopefully spend less time in a building. The harsher a lockdown, the harder slots are to find, but if you sweep the supermarkets, then you stand a chance of finding a slot. Here’s some additional ways to get a slot.

Regular Customers

I have always managed to get a regular delivery slot at Waitrose, as a valued customer. By which they mean a regular customer. So if you regularly shop online with a supermarket, and did so prior to lock down, then you may be in luck.

Contact Them

If you consider yourself in the vulnerable category as far as coronavirus is concerned, and feel you need to isolate as standard, contact the supermarkets of your choice for a slot request. Most supermarkets do not operate a first-come-first-served policy with delivery slots. They should reserve a section of slots for those that most need it. They may offer you this priority access automatically, having studied your personal details.

How To Avoid Supermarkets During The Pandemic – Plan Ahead

A bit of forward planning should hep you find a delivery slot. From personal experience, i have found often a supermarket has a delivery slot, but it is many days in the future, perhaps over a week. So plan ahead and do shops for what you need a week away, not that day. 

Be Flexible

Tonight i am having a shop delivered at 9-10pm. Delivery drivers work all hours, and if you are prepared to take a delivery at any time, you may find a slot in quicker time,

Alternative Food Sources

Of course there is no need to shop at a supermarket. There are many other ways to obtain food and other essential supplies. On the internet, there are a wealth of established companies that supply food to people around the UK. Butchers, and specialised meat providers. Cheese producers, and meal kits providers are two other options. All food are available on the internet. Even Amazon now has a huge grocery section.

How To Avoid Supermarkets During The Pandemic – Stay Local

You may have to go indoors briefly, but there are local options that carry less risk and also mean you support local businesses and the local economy. your local greengrocer or fishmongers is a good example. In the first lock down, a local greengrocer even delivered me a fortnightly box of veg for a great price.

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