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Budgeting Holiday Ideas

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all scrambling for that little extra sun. Read our 5 money saving tips for some brilliant bargain budgeting holiday ideas.

Budgeting Holiday Ideas – Bargain

Negotiation is the lifeblood of the travel industry. Its products are time-sensitive: a room left empty one night or an airline seat that isn’t filled can’t be resold the next day. So, particularly if you are booking at the last minute, bargain – especially when dealing with tour operators, travel agents and hotels.

Pick Your Dates & Times

If you are booking your travel independently, rather than package holiday, make sure you get an overview of prices using a website such as Skyscanner, which shows all the prices available on or around your chosen dates. To show just how much fares can vary, I did a quick search for flights from London to Malaga, flying from August 24-31. The cheapest direct return flight was £149; the most expensive was £589. Be sure to check what is included in the fare quoted (my next tip)

Budgeting Holiday Ideas – Consider An Indirect Flight

Hanging around an airport departure hall when you could be on the beach might sound ridiculous, but if you’re really pinching the pennies, it’s something to consider.
A flight to Malaga on the same dates listed above can be found £54 cheaper.  If you’re willing to spend a couple of hours in Copenhagen on the way home.

Travel During Half-Term

The alternative to taking a family summer holiday is to travel in October instead of the summer. It’s a tricky time of year for weather in the Mediterranean. Think about the Canaries. Book as soon as possible to be sure of the lowest fares. Of course travelling at such times may pose separate problems. But if is is acceptable to travel away from school holidays, seize the opportunity. You will save a fortune.

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