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Frugal Tips To Save You Money

In the latest of our series on budgeting, we take a look at some frugal tips to save you money.  This sounds like a negative piece, which is understandable. We would all like to be wealthy and spend as we please. But do not see it that way. You can get something positive out of being frugal.


I am not sorry to repeat myself for the millionth time. But it needs to be rammed home time after time. If you budget properly, your money goes much further. You eradicate waste and achieve value on what you spend. Look at your planner on a near daily basis and ensure that everything you do is sensible. 

Frugal Tips To Save You Money – Read For Free

As a writer myself, it seems weird to even make the following suggestions. If you can afford to do so, you should always support artists you admire. That may be a writer, singer or actor. But if money is tight, there are many ways to read, watch and listen to content for free. With reading for example, 2nd hand books are dirt cheap. But even cheaper is locating a local book exchange club. My local town centre has a free book shop. Kindle do free books all the time. Streaming sites allow you to view and listen for free.

Vehicles -Don’t Buy New

Cars lose a huge value the moment they are driven on a road. So there is no value in buying new, and getting something a tad older is a great way to save money. And receive much better value for money. 

Say No To Requests That Cost Money

We have all been in this situation. You feel obliged to spend money on something. It may be a charity request, or a wedding invite, a night out or a host of other things. But financially accepting such a request will pose you problems. So you must learn to say no. Be honest, your friends and family will appreciate it. Or they should. Tell them your situation and explain why you cannot commit to the expenditure. That is better than spending money you do not have. Never feel pressured to spend such money.

Frugal Tips To Save You Money – Make The Most Of Certain Possessions

There are certain things you own that undoubtedly have a secondary use for something else. They can be repurposed and live no past when perhaps you first expected they would. These suggestions may seem alien to many of you, but they will genuinely save you money. For example, an old T shirt you no longer wish to wear (or perhaps does not fit you) can be repurposed as a cleaning cloth. There are many other suggestions, from CDs as coasters and bottles used as vases and so on. Be creative, you may really enjoy the challenge.

Don’t Pay Through The Roof For Your TV Viewing

There is more choice than ever, but there are higher potential costs too for those wishing to watch plenty of TV. From Amazon Prime to Netflix, to NowTV, Disney+, Sky, BT and much more. Think about toning down how much TV you watch and the costs associated with it. Choose any one provider, there will be more than enough content to keep you happy. And if there is one thing you want to watch on a site, take a free trial, binge watch it then cancel your subscription.

Make The Most Of Free Sites

Sites such a Shopmium and Checkoutsmart often have free items you can obtain from the supermarket. Mainly food items but there are occasionally homeware stuff on there too. They can be a big use to you and if it’s not something you desire, then get it and donate it to a charity instead!

Frugal Tips To Save You Money – Change The Way You Pay For Items

Two things spring to mind when i typed that title out. Firstly, pay for subscriptions annually instead of monthly if you can afford to. For most subscriptions, there will be a reduction if you do so. And for food and kitchen cupboard items, buy in bulk. In almost all circumstances you will receive better value for money. Just ensure you plan your meals, as it is of little value if you end up having to throw food away. Batch cooking meals may help you, however you buy food. Again you are getting more value out of the ingredients you buy.


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