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Home Improvements That Make You Money

We decided to look in our latest article at home improvements that make you money. Because there are a number of ways you could add value to your property right now.

Master DIY

The best way to save money on home improvement jobs is to do them yourself.  Easier said than done, especially for me, as i am extremely clumsy!

Larger jobs are likely to need the input of an expert, as you can make matters worse by trying to do things you do not understand. and thus actually lower the value of your home. But the more things you can do yourself, the more money you can save. And the more you will add value to the property. And sometimes it is in your interest to spend money to make money. Spending £5000 for example to renovate a property that results in adding £10000 to its value makes sense. This is especially so if you plan to move in the near future.

First Impressions Matter

If you are looking to sell a property, you have to think beyond the interior. Or beyond baking fresh bread to entice potential buyers! First impressions last, and so you must consider how you can impress buyers before they even set foot in the property. And that means a clean, stylish exterior, and a nice garden or path at the front. And indeed the rear. People are very much persuaded by a nice back garden. Some will make sacrifices elsewhere to nab a nice one with a property. So get digging, get rid of the weeds, and mow the lawn. Get some nice flowers planted, replace broken paving and the like, and make the property ready to live in and around. 

Simple Home Improvements

There are many home improvements that are simple and achievable by anyone, and can transform a home. I’ve already mentioned the planting of flowers, or a well-placed plant pot. But inside the same principles apply. The obvious starting place is a lick of paint. For under £100 a property can be transformed and freshened up. And the world is your oyster on designs, colours etc.

Home Improvements That Make You Money – Tricks Of The Trade

Fitting outside lighting to show off your garden and house is another simple job that will enhance the look of your home and create a superb ambience in the evenings. A bonus is added security. Burglars prefer the dark! 

Inside, remove clutter, and get a cleaner feel to the place. It helps relax to have space where you live, and prospective buyers will probably agree. They will see more potential to making a home their own if you give them more of a blank canvas to work with.

Alternatively, you can get rid of your carpets and sand down the original floorboards or fit some laminate flooring to bring the room up to date. With good flooring and some cheap rugs you can create a contemporary or traditional look for any room and it costs very little.

Home Improvements That Make You Money – Modernise

As far as selling a house goes, two of the most important rooms in the home are the kitchen and the bathroom. If i was buying, a big kitchen would be key for me, as i like to cook every night. It is even more important, size-wise than the living room for me. So consider if on a budget you can modernise both rooms, at least partially. A small outlay could see a significant increase on the value of the house. For the kitchen, if including appliances, you may consider upgrading one or two of them. The simple addition of a nice fridge can wow a potential buyer! After all, it is one less thing for them to worry about, assuming you don’t take it with you. A simple colour scheme throughout the house may also add to value.

Low Cost Ideas

The key to getting value out of home improvements is to avoid throwing huge amounts of money at making your home more valuable. That can work of course, but i assume most of you reading this do not have that option. I certainly do not! So if you need workmen to do certain tasks, you may be able to lower costs by sourcing and obtaining source materials yourself. For example, if you want new tiles in the bathroom, get the tiles yourself and just pay for the labour. You can shop around and find a great deal. Consider 2nd hand items that can appear new and add value to a property.  That lived in look can be very popular.


Making some small changes to your home can give you excellent results for low costs. Begin outside then work your way around the home, dealing with the prioritised rooms first. Clear clutter and dispose of anything you do not use on a regular basis. You will not miss it. 


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