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Ways To Save On Car Insurance For Youngsters

It Doesn’t Have To Be A Minefield

Many of us have been there – our children have passed their driving test. They are excited at the thought of getting their first car. And then you see what the insurance costs and wonder how it is even possible to buy anything. Well do not worry, as there are things you can do to keep the costs down. This way, you can find cheaper car insurance for youngsters.

Shop Around

Well this seems too obvious to even mention, but you may be surprised. Many simply don’t shop around for the best deal. My parents for example, never do – perhaps it is a generational thing.
Anyway, it is vital you shop around. Get numerous quotes, as the figures will no doubt vary wildly, and pick the right deal for you.

Consider The Vehicle Itself Carefully

Again this might be obvious to many, but it is worth pointing out – getting insurance on an Aston Martin might be a tad more expensive than on a Ford Ka. Youngsters picking their first car need to be practical. The opportunity to get the car of their dreams can come later, when costs are lower and they are perceived as a lower-risk driver.

Low Use Insurance

There is a form of insurance that is handy for a minority of young drivers, but there is a catch. The downside is that it is limited to a certain mileage use per annum, and should a driver go above the limit, then costs can be high. However, if the car is intended for occasional use, this could be worth looking into.

Named Driver

A ‘named driver’ is a person insured to drive a car, but a car in which another person does most of the driving. This certainly keeps the costs down, but should not be abused, as that is potential fraud. This is for new drivers happy not to be heavy users of a vehicle. This is a situation many youngsters may struggle to accept.

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