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Choosing The Right Charity

Choosing the right charity involves careful consideration of your values, interests, and the impact you want to make. Here are some steps to help you make an informed decision. Clarify Your Values and Interests Identify the causes and issues that matter most to you. Consider whether you are more interested in local, national, or international […]

Picking Charitable Causes

Almost all of us like giving regularly to charities. Picking charitable causes can be difficult though, as there is so much choice, and research you need to do. We took a look at the decision-making process. Feelgood In addition to assisting those in need, it also helps us feel good. However, just because something is […]

Things To Consider When Donating To Charity

Virtually all of us like to give to charity on a regular basis. It is helping others that need it, and makes us feel good too. But because something is defined as a charity, that does not automatically mean that it is a good cause and you should donate. What’s more, we all have limited […]