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Ways To Lower Energy Consumption

There are several ways to lower energy consumption in various aspects of our daily lives. Here are some effective strategies. Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances Replace old, energy-consuming appliances with energy-efficient models. Look for appliances with the Energy Star label, as they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines. Lower Energy Consumption – Use LED lighting Switch to […]

Ways To Lower Your Energy Bill

Lowering your energy bill can help save money and reduce your environmental impact. Here are some ways to lower your energy bill. Energy-efficient appliances Invest in energy-efficient appliances with high Energy Star ratings. These appliances consume less energy and can significantly reduce your electricity usage over time. Ways To Lower your Energy Bill – LED […]

Future Help For Energy Bills

Cost-of-living payments worth hundreds of pounds will arrive in millions of people’s accounts from Wednesday 23rd November 2022. We took a look at future help for energy bills. Future Help For Energy Bills – Who Is Affected? Energy companies will send more than 11 million pensioners regular winter fuel payments boosted by an extra £300 […]

Tips To Cut Energy Bills

Energy costs increased at the beginning of October, with households in England, Wales, and Scotland now expected to pay £2,500 year, an increase of £500. The huge price increase won’t be offset by energy conservation initiatives. However, numerous little adjustments added up could result in annual savings of several hundred pounds. Here are some tips […]

Latest Energy Bill News

This is a worrying time for millions in the UK as energy bills continue to rise. With a new Prime Minister comes new pledges however. We examined the latest energy bill news. Latest Situation Basically, the government has cancelled the planned 1st October 80% rise in the energy price cap. There are still rises still […]

Energy Price Caps

Ofgem declared last week that it intended to increase the number of energy price caps and amendments it makes each year. We swiftly examine what this can imply for you and discuss strategies for defending your energy rights during this trying time. The Situation The UK’s energy regulator, Ofgem, establishes a price cap twice a […]

Lower Your Energy Bills

The energy price cap, which the authorities currently set at £1,971, is expected to rise to roughly £3,582 in October and then above £4,200 in January, according to grim warnings given to households. Unplugging anything that is not absolutely required, using fans sparingly, and keeping windows closed during a heat wave are all very minor […]

More Energy Saving Ideas

It is a desperate time for millions of us looking to get by as energy prices look set to rise and rise. So we thought it pertinent to continue to look at way of cutting energy use. And ways to become more efficient. Here are some more energy saving ideas that can save us all […]

More Energy Bill Tips

Following our last article, we thought it worth speaking more on a very current problem for millions in the UK. So here are some more energy bill tips. Turn Your Thermostat Down This is one of the simplest tasks on the list. Expect to save 4%-ish per degree you lower the thermostat, or roughly £65 […]

Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bill

Like millions of others, you may be very worried about the rise in energy prices in recent months, and especially after April 2022. But why there may not be proper ways to reduce your energy bill, there may be ways to take the sting out of price rises. We took a look at what you […]

Why Are Energy Prices Rising So Much?

As you may be aware, the UK, along with many other countries, is in the middle of an energy crisis, that is only set to get worse. Experts state that 4 million households in the UK already struggle to pay their energy bills. Once energy price caps end in April 2022, energy firms will hugely […]