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Things To Consider When Donating To Charity

Virtually all of us like to give to charity on a regular basis. It is helping others that need it, and makes us feel good too. But because something is defined as a charity, that does not automatically mean that it is a good cause and you should donate. What’s more, we all have limited finances, and have to be selective in what we donate towards. We looked at things to consider when donating to charity. 

To make sure that you’re giving to the right charities and the charity is not wasting money, or worse, consider these key factors before proceeding.

Is the Charity Registered? 

When a charity approaches you for a donation, or advertises and catches your attention, do checks. There are various ways to check to ensure than the charity is registered. This greatly reduces the chance of any diversion of funds. You can check the Charity Commission online register to ensure that the charity is registered. Thus, you know that someone else already did the fact checking to ensure that the funds are being dispersed properly.

Avoid the Hard Sell

I’ve never been a fan of having to make a quick decision on the spot. nor do i like “chuggers” who pressure me to donate. Usually, someone pushing a sale or action in an urgent manner is acting from a position of weakness. This is not a good luck. There’s no harm in asking for their card or their organisation’s contact information. After all, you should feel more comfortable on your end before donating.  Any charities should be happy to answer questions you may have.

Plan Your Charitable Giving in Advance

Personally, I always prefer to research my preferred charities in advance. Then I donate on a planned basis. Also, I leave a reserve fund for the inevitable charity event(s) from friends. Always be prepared for another one-off donation at any given time. Budget accordingly.
Either way, I cannot give to everyone, so I have to be selective. Also, when I give to the same charities on a regular basis, I feel more of a connection to that cause. More so than one-off payments, friends excluded. I see in advance what kind of impact to my budget my regular donation makes. 

Consider Charities Close To Heart

There are a million charities out there. Perhaps consider donating to a charity that does work close to your heart. The satisfaction you gain from donating is even greater. Or perhaps you prefer to “spread the live” and donate to a selection of causes. Just remember too that the big name charities are not necessarily awash with money. do not avoid donating just because you assume everyone else does.

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