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Save On Xmas Presents

If money is tight, this is not a good time of the year. So as we have done in the past, we thought it a good idea to look at how you can make your money go as far as possible over the festive period. Here is how to save on Xmas presents.

Save On Xmas Presents – Make A List

First and foremost, let’s get this over with. You must first determine whoever you are purchasing for, so sit down and prepare a list.

Make a list of everyone you want to buy a gift for, even if it’s only a bag of candy for your mailman as part of a modest Secret Santa at work. Include the total amount you intend to spend on each individual.

Knowing who you’re shopping for and how much you want to spend will help you create a budget that you can stick to.

Save On Xmas Presents – Use Power Of Social Media

Check to see whether your favourite stores are on Facebook and/or Twitter before you start shopping for gifts. Companies frequently provide discounts on their social media pages. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a lovely little 20% off coupon!

Be Creative

Let’s use one product as an example of this creativeness – a common purchase, namely fragrances.

Fortunately, there are numerous reasonably priced perfumes on the market that smell very similar to their more expensive equivalents.

M&S Butterfly perfume is a dead ringer for the much more expensive Marc Jacobs Daisy, Next’s Just Pink smells exactly like Ralph Lauren’s Romance, Aldi’s Suddenly perfume is a pretender to the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle throne (but at a tenth of the price! ), and M&S True Red is an almost spot-on dupe for Hugo Boss Deep Red, according to online reviews.

You may save up to 75% off the high street pricing on branded, discounted fragrances and aftershaves. Fragrance Direct is a company that sells fragrances.

Make Gifts

If you have a creative streak, swap money for time.

Before you roll your eyes at this advice, keep in mind that being crafty is hot right now! If you don’t believe us, look at the popularity of websites like Pinterest and Etsy.

Making homemade gifts for your family and friends might save you a lot of money if you’re creative enough.

Think adorable purses, scarves, jewellery, teacup candles… whatever your talent, you’ll be sure to impress your friends while while saving money!

Work The System – Cashback

Another useful online tip is to shop on websites that reward you with cash back when you make purchases.

These sites are absolutely free to use since retailers pay cashback sites to drive visitors to them, and the cashback companies, in turn, pass on a portion of that money to you, the client.
The amount varies, but the percentage you save is usually higher in the weeks coming up to Christmas. and Topcashback are two of the best cashback sites to check out.

Save On Xmas Presents – Use Unused Gifts!

Don’t feel guilty. If you have something you don;t use, that you think will make a good gift, then make use of it.

Plan Ahead

This tip is a little late now, but it’s worth trying again next year.

Decide how much you’ll spend on Christmas presents starting in January (keep track of what you spent last year to guide you, and add what you’ll spend on food and drink, etc.) Divide the sum by 12 to get the answer.

Then put that amount aside each month in a Christmas savings account.

This way, when it comes to Christmas 2017, you’ll have the cash on hand to pay for your gifts, avoiding any financial hardship at the last minute.

Finally, you can plan ahead by buying the gifts throughout the year. This spreads the costs, but just as importantly may save you money, as it means you have a year to buy a gift when it is at its lowest price. Rather than the price at the precise moment you decide to buy it in December.

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