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Keep Your Home Clean

Yesterday, I came across an intriguing Twitter conversation. Regarding general advice for anyone who find it difficult to concentrate during lockdown, when we’ve resumed some semblance of normalcy. In order to keep up with things around the house, I most definitely need to get motivated. And I stumble a lot. As a result, I began to consider compiling some of the better ideas. So, here are some suggestions for how to keep your home clean.

Keep Your Home Clean – Get It Done!

Everyone has a certain time of day when they perform at their best, therefore this is somewhat subjective. I used to write best late at night, but these days I like to get up early. And I’m at my best motivated for whatever tasks are ahead of me in the morning. prior to the onset of the afternoon slump. So my advice is to avoid procrastination if your biological clock is similar. You will feel so much better if you complete the tedious cleaning tasks as soon as possible. By doing so, you can spend the remainder of the day doing other things and it won’t consume your entire day.

End The Day Ahead Of The Start

If you envision cleaning your apartment as a massive undertaking, it’s likely that you won’t even begin because the thought of all the labour overwhelms you. Therefore, you must alter the way that you think. Therefore, I find that setting my goals significantly smaller is an excellent strategy. So, I try to spend at least an additional ten minutes cleaning up any mess that was made that day. Your house will be cleaner at night than it was in the morning. And that is development. Take your time unless there is a pressing need to be pristine. Once the pressure is gone, you might do more than ten minutes some days. Just make sure that is the bare minimum.


Making my goals very attainable is the best method for me to motivate myself to clean the apartment. Departmentalizing my jobs is how I accomplish this. I accomplish it by dividing cleaning tasks into individual rooms. If I don’t have enough time, I’ll even divide a room into smaller sections and focus only on that task. It reduces stress and makes your goals much more attainable.

Keep Your Home Clean – Priorities

The order in which you clean is the next choice to be made. And it makes sense in my opinion to start cleaning the areas you use the most frequently and spend the most time in. Why not make the most of your cleaning time? The improved cleanliness of everything should inspire you to perform additional cleaning in the less-trafficked crevices and nooks. A counterargument is that you should explore the less travelled locations first since otherwise you might never do so. Depending on your personality.

Keep Your Home Clean – Delegation

If I just paid someone to come in and clean everything, I would feel deceived. In actuality, I would feel ashamed. However, there are some vocations where getting assistance is acceptable. Not everything needs to be done by you alone. For instance, I need to clean out my garage. Take everything inside to the skip. I don’t drive, though, and my pal is the owner of a white van. I’m going to hire him for the day so we can get rid of all of my trash.

Keep Boredom At Bay

The main reason I dislike cleaning so much is because it is monotonous. in fact, like exercise! So if you strive to make things more fascinating, it might help you do more. You may make it into a game and establish small objectives. However, I find it more helpful to simply put on my headphones, turn on some wonderful music, or listen to a fantastic podcast. It keeps my thoughts busy, which makes the cleaning feel less like a job. I enjoy playing the game of seeing how many surfaces you can clean in a minute. It’s incredible how much you can do in a short amount of time. And I’m sure we can all carry on for another minute.

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