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How To Write The Perfect CV

The purpose of your CV (short for curriculum vitae) is to summarise yourself to a potential employer. Therefore there is certain key information that you need to include. It should tell them about you, your professional history and your skills, abilities and achievements. Ultimately, it should highlight why you’re the best person for the job. Moolr have taken a look at how to write the perfect CV. Below is what we think is involved in getting it right and making the best impression.

Identify the correct personal to include

Learn what to add and what to leave out, such as whether to include your marital status or nickname (no). You do not need to go into great detail for this section.

Add a personal statement

Find out what one is and how it can be used to focus a potential employer’s attention on your best attributes. Do not go for cliches, and spend plenty of time in getting this small section right. Initial impressions last, after all.

Know what to include in the skill section

Discover how to bring your skills to the fore and make sure you understand the difference between different types of skills. Understand which skills this particular employer needs to know about.

Other Things To Include

Always mention former jobs. Brush up on the best ways to present former or current employment in a way that shows you in the best light. List relevant qualifications, but you do not have to be exhaustive. Relevance is key here. 

Tailor It

Do not assume that your CV is perfect for every job you apply for. It may not be. you should always look to change details if relevant to the role you are applying for. What’s more, you should check it regularly and ensure it is up to date. Many people use the same CV they wrote a decade ago. Employers will not be impressed with this.

Always Be Truthful

Blatant lies on your CV can land you in a whole heap of trouble when it comes to employers checking your background and references. The last thing you want is to start work and then lose your new job for lying. You also may get caught out at the interview stage when you suddenly can’t answer questions on what you claim to know. Employers are not expecting a perfect human being anyway, as they do not exist. 


Always ensure your CV looks nice. Presentation has a psychological effect on those that read your CV. We have all bought a book having been seduced by an interesting cover design.

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