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Cash You May Not Know You Have

The title of this article may confuse you, as surely we all know what money we have?! But not necessarily so. Because there can be hidden funds that you possess that you may not even be aware of. We took a look at cash you may not know you have.

Cash You May Not Know You Have – Cashback sites

Blog followers of this site will be well aware i regularly mention the advantages of using such sites. It is essentially free money.  By utilising Quidco or Topcashback as the first stop before going to most online shops you can get funds back on your purchase A simple process that makes items cheaper, in simple terms. Just note that the cashback does take a while to be paid out.  You may have to wait a couple of months before the money lands in your account.

Bank Accounts

Some banks reward customers for using certain accounts. Examples include the Natwest Reward account as it pays 2% cashback. See also Barclay’s Blue Rewards program.


Dormant savings accounts

I recall a decent couple of years back I found an old Post Office book that has been set up by my uncle. There wasn’t much in it, yet it has quite recently been staying there. Some time back Becky had a letter from Virgin Money saying she wasn’t in touch for some time. Turned out it had been four years and there was £4.41 of interest which had been added after she’d cleared the equilibrium. So investigate your records. Check whether there are any records you’ve since quite a while ago failed to remember – there could be money prowling!

Cash You May Not Know You Have – Credit in online shops

With some online retailers, you’ll be refunded in credit for items and this will stay no your account. It is wroth checking you are not actually in profit on any accounts. You will need to spend this money, as you cannot just transfer it to your bank account. I had a similar experience on a credit card with zero balance when i was refunded for a cancelled gig.

Cash You May Not Know You Have – Gift cards

We have all had gift cards in our time. And many of us will rush out and spend them as soon as possible, get ourselves a nice treat. But not everyone does. The longer a gift card sits there without use, the more likely it is we will forget its existence. So double check that you do not have any unused gift cards out there. 

6. Loyalty schemes

I am sure we all have at least one loyalty card, especially with supermarkets. It is worth periodically checking what points you have on them. And what you can do with those points. Sometimes those supermarkets will allow points to be doubled for certain purchases. Last year i checked my Nectar card and found £50 on there! Check your prepaid cards too. I current have £20 hanging around on a Revolut card.

Phone, TV or energy accounts

At the point when you change provider to improve bargain, ensure you’re not owed any money. Regularly with charges like these you pay ahead of time so could well be expected some cash back – and the organizations won’t consequently send it to you.
So always pursue such dormant funds!


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