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Financial Goals To Set Yourself

New year, new goals? Perhaps, though setting yourself goals should be a constant, fluid process, not a trope for the new year. Because few of us fulfil all the promises we make after the Christmas excesses! So we took a look at some financial goals to set yourself.

Financial Goals To Set Yourself – Eliminate Your Debt

If you carry any substantial level of debt right now, it is time to act on that, if possible. Obviously at these troubled times it may not be easy to do so, but if in employment, consider lowering or eliminating your debt as a priority. The release of stress of not having debt hanging over you is impossible to estimate.

Consider Retirement Protection

There may understandably be other priorities for you right now, which is understandable. But i have thought about my pension provisions recently, and it has occurred to me that my plans do not have solid foundations. It is my expectation to work past the age of retirement, because i may have to. But that is a dangerous assumption to make, because i cannot be sure i will be in a position to do so when the time comes. none of us know what the future holds, especially right now. So we must construct a safety net if things do not go how we plan. And a pension is an obvious starting point. 

Financial Goals To Set Yourself – Think About Your Career

We should always be thinking about our careers. Perhaps the current time is not the best opportunity to do so. There are fewer jobs out there, and many people that need them. But that should not prevent you from considering your options. and what is best for you. Are you happy in your job, is there something else you would rather do? At any age, it is ok to evaluate your decisions and consider a change. And even if your current area of work is where you wish to be, always think about opportunities for progression and development. Do not stand still. I did for many, many years, and it will take a long time for me to recover financially and career-wise.


The last year has been very tough for many financially, for obvious reasons. But for many others, there has been no downturn in financial fortunes. If you are one of the people who has come through 2020 unscathed, then you must make the same financial plans as you would in normal circumstances. And key to such planning is to save funds wherever possible. This is another safety net for you. An insurance fund should you require it should life take a different turn or you need quick access to funds for an emergency cost. Access to savings prevents you going into debt and thus also saves you further money.

Financial Goals To Set Yourself – Get life insurance?

Often your employer will provide some form of life insurance ( alternatively referenced as death in service). Life insurance is a vital emergency fund should those you love rely on you for survival. Like an emergency fund the more financial responsibility you have the more vital it becomes.  


As always, we trumpet budgeting at all times. Ensure you are on top of your finances at all times, and spend what you receive, and nothing more. That is not always easy, we understand that. But if you sit down and pore over your finances with a fine toothcomb you may be surprised at what you find. I guarantee you will be able to pinpoint savings you can make, unnecessary costs, and make more of your income.

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