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Job Hunting Tips

For many of us, new employment is a necessity after a tough year where many jobs no longer exist. But because of the rise in unemployment and a contracted economy, competition for any job will be fierce. We decided to list some job hunting tips to give you an edge over the competition.

Cast Your Net As Wide As Possible

The internet is a vast resource. Job boards, companies, and recruiters all use the internet to find applicants. However, with the internet being so accessible employers are often swamped with applicants. Many turn to specialist software to sort the wheat from the chaff, or they approach the process with a critical eye cutting out applications that don’t meet their standards. Whatever the case, it’s important to apply for as many positions as you can find. Cast that net wide! By getting your CV in front of as many employers as possible, you will maximise the chance of landing an interview. 

Job Hunting Tips – Stay Relevant

It’s important to remember that you shouldn’t apply for jobs you aren’t qualified to get. Look for jobs that are suitable and apply to those with fervour. If you haven’t heard back from the employer, then maybe send a follow-up email, it can often make you stand out.

Job Hunting Tips – Keep Trying!

One of the hardest parts of applying for jobs is that you won’t get the first one you apply for. You might not even get the second or the third. Remember that employers are likely to receive hundreds of applicants, so if they don’t call it isn’t personal. They may have already found the applicant. Keep searching, keep applying, keep ringing. Perseverance will pay off. 

Avoid Cookie-Cutter CVs

When filling out several applications, especially for similar jobs, you can often fall into the trap of copying and pasting your covering letter. This is a major red flag. Instead, you should read the job posting and investigate the employer (where possible) to write up a tailored covering letter. Mention parts of the company that you respect and would like to work with. Make clear what you can bring to the table. Show evidence of how you can help them in particular. Additionally, make sure your covering letter and CV are tailored to the business and role you apply for. If you’re going to take the time to apply for employment, you might as well commit effort into it and make your application stand out from the crowd. 

Utilise Social Media

When considering job hunting tips, another area to mine for job hunting is social media. Platforms like LinkedIn are perfect for networking & developing business relationships with relevant people and businesses. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is  relevant and timeous. It should be packed with information. Use a professional photo and update your experience as and when required. The platform will often help you through this process and suggest where you can improve your profile to make it more appealing. 

Once you have your profile or profiles updated, then start contacting, searching, and then applying for jobs. 

Job Hunting Tips – Don’t Be Afraid To Network 

Networking is a vital skill. Many of us lack confidence or aren’t prone to network. It is a necessary evil though and with practice you can use it to your maximum advantage. The skill is easy to master and involves putting yourself out there. Start with online networking. Email the employers you wish to work for. Enquire about any upcoming positions or even send a speculative CV just in case a job comes up. If you’re experienced in a particular industry, talk to people you’ve worked with, attend conventions and events and put yourself out there. People will respond to your hustle and you may find more doors open for you.


This is not a simple issue to discuss. Recruiters’ sole aim is to acquire people jobs so they are often motivated and have means of finding you opportunities. However, some businesses baulk at the idea of paying a percentage to a recruiter for sourcing employment. This means that some companies flat out refuse to work with recruiters. Weigh up the pros and cons of each and choose the method that works for you.  

Jon Hunting Tips – Pick Up The Phone

It’s a fact that people find it harder to say no in person. If you’re stuck in a rut with online applications then why not call or visit the business in person. A lot of employers will be impressed by your work ethic to print out a CV and hand-deliver it. It shows commitment, determination and makes it harder for them to say no. 

Try Local Newspapers & Newsletters

Finally, while our first thought is often ‘Google it’ it can also be beneficial to go “old school”. Attempt to source local newspaper listings or subscribe to industry newsletters. You may find your dream job hidden in a print ad. 

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