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Preparing For A Job Interview

In the current fluctuating and unstable job market, may of us will unfortunately need to search for new employment in the coming months, if we are not already. And for many that means the necessity of a daunting interview. With that in mind, we took at look at some tips for preparing for a job interview.

Preparing For A Job Interview – Presentation

Naturally formal attire is required for an interview. But this does not mean you have to spend a fortune to acquire such a look. This can be done very cheaply. And as long as you present an image of smartness, no reputable employer should care about the price of clothing. It is about effort and taking the interview seriously. And as mentioned, a range of value high street and online stores provide smart clothing at bargain prices. You may wish to browse charity shops too. It may surprise you the quality of items available in such places.

Above all, make yourself presentable. Shirts tucked in, tie straight, shoes clean and so on. Prove that you take the interview seriously and want this job. First impressions last. 


Also key is that you are fully prepared for the interview. You must prepare for a wide range of questions, and have a full understanding of what the employer expects from whoever takes the role. And being ready naturally includes getting an interview in the first place, which requires an excellent CV. There are a wealth of sites and templates that can be found online to create a CV that has a good solid structure. Some jobsites too such as Indeed have a template for free. It’s important to cover the basics and arrangement of the document. Here’s a few tips for keeping your CV up to date and relevant.

CV Tips

  • Try to include all content onto one page, or a maximum of two. Employers will look through piles of CVs and will be choosing the ones that are strong and straight to the point. Be concise.
  • Utilise a style that flows smoothly, Begin with your basic and contact information, any qualifications you may possess, and a quick description of yourself and what work you are seeking. Include past and previous work experience and end with the odd reference.
  • Take time to fully proof read your document to be confident it makes sense and that all spelling is correct
  • Any additional curriculum you have completed will make you stand out from the rest. Something as basic as a first aid course or even having a full UK driving licence sets you aside from other candidates.

Preparing For A Job Interview – Relax

Easy to say of course, but for many of us, much harder to do. But you must find your own way of not choking or panicking on the day. Some may like to visualise the interviewer being naked! That is not of use for everyone, but it could help to distract yourself whilst also being focused no what they ask you. Perhaps if you are a nervous interviewer, a practice run is good. Put yourself in a tough position. Have friends interview you, video it. It may feel horrible to do so, but it will make the actual interview less daunting.  Just remember that you have nothing to lose. At worst you are back where you began.

Be Yourself

There’s little point conning your way to a job anyway, as you will only be found out at a later date. But never put on an act. The employer has a right to see the real you, and choose the best candidate on that. Believe in yourself, and act in a natural manner.

Preparing For A Job Interview – Ask Questions

You need to demonstrate to a potential employer that you really want the role on offer, without appearing desperate or over keen. A good way is to show an interest in the company. An interview is not just an opportunity for you to be grilled. Well, it shouldn’t be anyway. So ask about the company, and do not be afraid to ask what the company can do for you. This is a two-way agreement after all. The role has to be right for both parties.

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