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Car Boot Sale Tips

Car boot sale tips are something that fascinate me when i think about the time i did one, and the many tactics and strategies i saw in place. I thought it a good time to revisit how you can make the most as a seller. I will write about buying at them another time.

Preparation Is Key

As someone who has done a car boot sale and was rater shocked by ow t panned out, I cannot stress this enough. do your preparation work. Turn up ready to sell immediately. You’ll be glad you did. 

Get There Early

Car boot sales are early starting affairs. So as a seller, you have to be there even earlier! When i did one, there was a crowd awaiting even at the ungodly hour i turned up, As I will detail in the next paragraph! You need to get there early as there will be a lot of items sold in the first hour. And after that, a lull.

Do Not Panic!

When i did a sale, there were people rooting through the boot of my car before i had even set up or take my items out! There are a hardcore of buyers who do this regularly. They are professional buyers. And they know they have to turn up early to get the hidden gems. To get them before anyone else. So it can be overwhelming to get so much attention when you bowl up for a local sale of unwanted items. Stay calm, set up quickly and efficiently. You can rearrange your stall after the rush dies down.

Car Boot Sale Tips – Prepare To Haggle

Few buyers at a car boot will look at a price and hand over money immediately, no questions asked. That is now how car boot sales tend to work. Unless of course they spot such a bargain they just want to complete the purchase before anyone else sees the item. So be prepared to haggle, and have an idea for everything you sell on how low you are prepared to go. Don’t lose out for the sake of a sale. Normally an interested buyer wants that item more than you need to sell it. So stand firm – most buyers will not back out for the sake of a few pennies or a pound here or there. 

Presentation Matters

As anyone in retail will tell you, presentation matters. You need to entice people in to your stall. Stand out from the crowd. You are in competition with every other stall, even if your products may not all be the same. After all, many visitors are not there to buy a specific item, so you need to sell your products. Have an eye-catching display, and have your premium products highly visible at all time. Change tings around during the day so different items get their time in the sun. Use clothes racks and other props to help browsing for potential buyers. 

Car Boot Sale Tips – Set Targets

Have an idea of what you want for an item, and a total amount for the day. You do not need to sell everything as a seller, though i will discuss this below. But do not let people use you. Stand firm and if you have made enough money, you may want to consider packing up, or do what i next suggest.

Car Boot Sale Tips – Go Home Empty?

As the day winds down, you need to decide if you must sell everything. You may decide then to lower prices and offer some bargains. But do not feel under pressure to sell everything. It is ok to take stuff back home, as long as you have got rid of most of your stock.

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