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How To Filter Out Bad News


It has been a tough year for everyone. We have had to deal with unprecedented times. There has been grief and huge financial problems for many. Health issues and worries for the future for others. But what has not helped is the daily barrage of negative news, that has just made us feel even worse. Sometimes it feels like it is never ending. So i thought it may be useful to consider how to combat this barrage. Here are some tips on how to filter out bad news.

Filter Out Bad News – An Important Task

Why do we need to do this? Well, is a daily flow of bad news really helping you, informing you or doing you any good? I doubt it. In the early days of the pandemic, there was an understandable need to understand everything about the pandemic. To know what was going on. But now that fatigue has set in, and we are a year into the pandemic, do you really need to check daily death totals? It serves no purpose.

Do Not Trigger Yourself

A trigger is something that causes negative feelings or behaviours for an individual. They can be driven by many processes. For example, a reminder of past trauma, or intense emotions such as stress, anxiety, entrapment, or a lack of control. The trigger will begin a chain of negative thoughts, and can have adverse effects on both mental and physical health.  

You should notice when something has triggered you, as your mood changes. Even your heart beat might, as it will increase. You can spot these signs, and when you do, you must act on them. And the simple way is to remove the triggers. Like me arguing about football on Twitter, simply walk away and do not engage. You receive no benefits from triggering yourself. Start putting protective steps into place.

Filter Out Bad News – Regulate consumption

So tied to walking away, simply lower your consumption of any news that puts you mentally in a worse place than before. This is not just a case of taking on less news, but working out the source of news. Certain sources probably have a more adverse effect on you than others, so wean them out. Take news from trusted sources, and from sources that do not exist to spread fear and misery. The communication styles of news outlets can sometimes be as important as the nature of the news itself.  During the pandemic, the World Health Organization suggested selectively accessing health-related authority websites that exist to provide just the facts on the current situation.

Filter Out Bad News – Control your emotions

We all experience negative emotions. They are sometimes unavoidable. But also, it is a simple process for you to be proactive and take back some control over them. Do not blame yourself if you fail, as it should not be viewed as a sign of weakness or failure. But if you accept that you can have some control over your own emotions, you start to feel more empowered to strive toward more positive coping mechanisms.

Look after your health

Putting time into considering health and wellbeing can help furnish you with the most obvious opportunity to respond decidedly to unpleasant circumstances. Sound body, solid psyche. Attempt to eat quality dinners, fit in exercise suitable for your lifestyle. Also get a good night’s sleep where possible. This is as important as diet, as poor sleep can lead to a wealth of illnesses. Remember, the accentuation is on wellbeing, not weight reduction or other possibly negative drivers. Additionally, deal with your psychological wellness by balancing work and pleasure. Look to always leave time and room for fun and serious activities. It’s good to talk too – stay in touch regularly with those you love.

Be positive

Spend more time remembering acts of goodness, compassion, and  nice human nature from the past year. And seek out positive news too, as there is plenty of it out there. Remember, most news has always been negative in slant anyway. New networks and newspapers see little exposure in good news at the best of times. But there are sites out there that have sprung up over the past year that deal with good news. They are not deniers of what is going on, they just rightly saw a need for some positivity. For example, this twitter account looks at the positive trends amongst the virus stats.

Replace unhealthy coping skills with alternatives

There are resources available to help individuals identify positive behaviours that they can use to replace unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as self-harm or those that struggle with eating disorders. Similar resources are available for a wide range of behaviours.

Filter Out Bad News – Look For Support

Contact support groups or health care professionals. It’s vital to understand the value of positive social support and to recognize that seeking help is a positive and strong step. These contacts can also help you find other helpful resources. You are not alone; reach out for support. None of us need to be getting through this by ourselves. And there should not be any embarrassment in looking for help when necessary. 


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