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10 Ways you can make Valentine’s Day special without breaking the bank

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many couples will be flapping about worrying about how they are going to make their other half’s day special, but also not be left £10,000 (slight exaggeration I know) in debt, so here at Moolr, we have been doing some thinking and have compiled a list of 10 different ways you can avoid breaking the bank but make Valentine’s Day special.


Write a love letter – It is simple, but sometimes the smallest of things or in this case cheapest, usually have a lot of thought behind them.


Cook a romantic meal for two – It isn’t quite a three-course Italian meal, but it shows that you have thought about it and once again, that there is a lot more effort and thought that has gone into it.


Have a film night at home – Choose your other half’s favourite film and treat them to an evening in watching a film, maybe throw some popcorn in there as well.


Go for a picnic in the park – Once again, this is just as simple as cooking a meal, a stroll in the park and a nice meal is the perfect way to set the tone for the rest of the day. A perfect way to make Valentine’s Day special.


Go to a local lake and rent a pedalo for an hour, or if you are feeling really adventurous go for a rowing boat.


Take a scenic drive – Nothing is more relaxing and atmospheric than a drive around a stunning area of the world that will really set the tone for the rest of the day.


Buy them a heart-shaped helium balloon and leave it for them at either their workplace or in the bedroom, help them start the day brilliantly.


Order them a personalised card after all getting them a card that is more personal to them will inevitably let them know you are thinking more about them. That extra personal touch is a god way to make Valentine’s Day special.


This one is good if you have a garden, but set up a romantic scene in the back garden and bring your other half flowers, and a meal, and just relax together.


Lastly, this one isn’t quite as romantic as all of the others, but start buying your valentine’s day gifts on the 15th in readiness for the year after, after all, it’s better to be ready and prepared.

So, that was our blog on 10 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget, we hope this was informative.

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