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More Supermarket Mistakes

Having published our last article about supermarket mistakes, we realised we had a lot more to say.  So we decided to write a second article to mop up what we missed. Here are some other issues we think are important when shopping at supermarkets.

More Supermarket Mistakes – Know your Prices 

As i wrote that header, my mind turned to wine. Because i often see wine reduced from say £10 to £6 and i instantly think that seems like great value. And retailers reduce a lot of wine in price in UK supermarkets. But the thing is, i have no idea whether the price is a great deal, as i have no idea what it the cost producers set fairly. What its value is. After all, i am no expert on wine, and there is no set price for a Chardonnay or a Malbec. So often i just have to guess. But the point is, it helps to know the true value of the items you purchase. That way you know a good deal and a bad deal when you see one. The mySupermarket app is fantastic for you to discover if a price is above or below the average price, as well as see the price history for the last 11 months.  It allows you to compare prices between supermarkets. 

Offers Are Not Everything

You do not need to do your whole shop via offers. Just buy what you need, and get value from your shop by being disciplined. If you shop online, never pay for delivery, as there are too many offers for free delivery for you to need to do that. Shop around, and do not stick to a single supermarket. They will never beat the competition on all prices. And use offers when it is in your interest to do so. 

Pay With Cash?

We live in a card dominated world nowadays, especially during the pandemic when most do not want any physical contact. But have you considered avoiding some of the mistakes already mentioned by using cash? I have always been a cash person as i feel it helps me know what i have, and maintains discipline. After all, it is so much easier to spend on a card. So if you take a limited amount of money with you to a supermarket, and no card, you force yourself to stick to your shopping list. You require discipline, and the treats have to be ignored as you cannot afford them. When money is tight, it is a tactic worth considering.

More Supermarket Mistakes – Not Checking Dates

Partners have told me off for this in the past, and for coming home with food that had a very short shelf life! I taught myself therefore to be a bit conscientious when shopping, as it helps eradicate waste. Especially as i find my house to contain limited storage space. This is one of the problems of shopping online too, as you do not get to pick your own produce. But when you do a physical shop, always check the use by dates on fresh produce. The supermarket stackers will place longer lasting produce hidden at the back, so have a good luck around. Naturally you want the freshest food available, which means food that will also last the longest in your home.

More Supermarket Mistakes – Don’t Be Tempted At The Till

There are a number of items placed seductively by every till for a reason. so that whilst you wait to pay for your items you are tempted to make a purchase you do not need to. If you required such an item, you would already have bought it from its natural place in the aisle. Aldi is the worst for this, as they have longer checkouts! So stay disciplined and decide not to allow retailers to sway you with a tempting offer or two.

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