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How To Have A Brilliant But Cheap Wedding

For most who marry, the wedding day is a dream day. And a dream day has to be perfect. But you should not miss out on a wedding day or go deep into debt just because perfection means spending a huge amount of money. You can have your dream day without breaking the bank. We look at how to have a brilliant but cheap wedding.

Some Expenses Add Little To The Day

Weddings naturally attract an entire industry of people offering services for the big day. But for me, you could take away some aspects of the day and lose none of the magic. Or more to the point, remove some of the costs in the build up, as the cost of a wedding is not just about the day itself. So think about the little things you could cut out in the months leading up to the day. Save the date cards for example, which are not really necessary. Digital invites over expensive glossy posted invites. In this modern age, it is easier to communicate and remind people of dates. There’s no need for a financial outlay. 

How To Have A Brilliant But Cheap Wedding – Rehearsal Dinner

Again, is this really necessary? Rehearsal dinners are usually intimate gatherings allowing the two families to get to know each other a little before the big day.  Let them get to know each other on the day! You can rehearse speeches and vows, but this can be done for free. And should be. There seems to be a desire for some to have the complete experience. Which essentially means spending as much money as possible. And those selling such services are unsurprisingly very persuasive. Do not be swayed into spending money you do not need to. 


Do you need a fancy limousine on the day? Or a horse-drawn carriage? do you need to make a huge entrance and have a “look at me” moment? No, of course you don’t.  The day is about celebrating your love, not showing off. Look at cheaper options, such as renting a more modest but still nice vehicle, or borrow from someone you know.

How To Have A Brilliant But Cheap Wedding – The Dress

I know i am walking on delicate ground here. For many brides, the dress is EVERYTHING. But move away and look at the expense logically. I would hope that you will never wear the dress again. So what is the purpose of spending possibly thousands of pounds on an item of clothing you use for one day? Beautiful dresses can be located without splashing out a huge amount of money, or consider renting a dress instead.

Wedding Programmes

Let’s cut to the chase here. Virtually every person at the wedding couldn’t care less about a wedding programme. The only purpose it may serve is a memento for parents perhaps of the big day. But there are better mementos out there for them, such as their own memories and the photos that many will take. 

Those Little Extras

Scattering flower petals everywhere, presents for every table at the evening do, subsidised accommodation perhaps. None of this is necessary, though the last option will help those that may struggle to make it there otherwise, so has some merit. Could i even include the cake in this section? Again, just who cares about how extravagant a cake is? As long as there is a cake to cut and a nice photo opportunity, that is enough. No one will be talking about the cake the day or months after! If you need to cut costs, this for me is an obvious starting point. And forget the free bar!

How To Have A Brilliant But Cheap Wedding – Cut The Guest List

The biggest nightmare of all for many when planning a wedding? Who makes the cut, and who does not? Where to draw the line is not easy, and those on a limited budget will have to make some difficult decisions. But you have to make them. And the simple fact is the more you cut the numbers, the cheaper the wedding becomes. Consider inviting some to the whole day, and some to just the post-meal celebrations. 

Practical Presents

You can consider this as reducing post-wedding costs, rather than the day itself! By asking for presents that you would have needed to purchase yourself at a later date, such as kitchenware, you can effectively cut costs. Or perhaps ask for donations for honeymoon costs.

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