Budget Gift Ideas

For those that live on a budget, it can be a constant strain and worry as the next birthday of a loved one appears on the horizon. More cost to add to your already stretched budget. But impending birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc does not have to be a problem. You can improvise, be creative and still give thoughtful gifts that your friends and family will really appreciate. Moolr took a look at some budget gift ideas.


I recently had to fill some space on top of a cabinet, and came up with the idea of making a few terrariums of my own. And they make excellent gifts! A terrarium is a little garden for inside, as a glass bowl or jar contains everything within. You can be creative too, adding cactus or other succulents, or any plants. A closed terrarium will create its own water cycle, so maintenance is kept to a minimum. This is a gift that looks more expensive than what it will cost you to create.

Other Things You Can Craft

There are a million things you could make from scratch however. If you have a passion and an artistic side, then have fun making your own presents. It could be a clock, piece of furniture or even jewellery. 

Use Loyalty Points

Yesterday I logged into my Nectar account after years of paying it no attention. I was surprised to discover £50 in there. With most stores and brands offering loyalty cards nowadays, you could have hundreds of pounds ready to spend for free. Instead of treating yourself to something, why not use loyalty points to purchase presents? That way you can give gifts effectively for free. The financial burden is thus lifted off you.


Presents are not judged on cost. Or at least they should not be. A friend or family member will surely appreciate a present that has had effort and thought put into it as much, if not more, than a present that cost a lot. With that in mind, a scrapbook of memories is a great idea for a present. It can be a scrapbook of their life (“This Is Your Life!) or shared memories between you too. Whatever you decide, this is a present that will truly be appreciated and used.

Plan In Advance

Another option is to use the sales to buy presents when you see a good gift idea, rather than always purchasing a gift in the run up to a birthday or anniversary. This way you can pick up some real bargains and save a fortune. I extend this idea to general purchasing, buying things cheaper out of season. A good example is camping gear in the winter, when prices are much lower as shops try to get rid of excess stock.

Stick To Giving Cards

The other alternative is simply not to give presents! A friend approached me some years ago and was honest. He said he would prefer if we did not give presents in future for birthdays, as it was a strain financially, and would help him out. I agreed, and was pleased that he had made the bold step to broach the subject. A present is not necessary to show you care about someone.