Car Boot Sale Tips – Part 2

In my last article, i listed some car boot sale tips. What I didn’t realise as I began was just how many tips there were to list! So with that in mind, I decided to split the advice into two separate blogs. Thus, here is part 2, with a few bonus tips on how to prosper when doing a car boot sale.

Car Boot Sale Tips – Care With Money

This might seem a tad obvious, but it would surprise you how many people are lax on this front. Our advice is that you must maintain concentration and stay wary all day long. This is especially so when carrying out transactions. Hold the item they wish to purchase for as long as possible, especially if one of your more valuable items. Take the money before handing over the item. You can justify this by bagging it. Remember, you cannot leave your stall for long, so need to be alert.

Car Boot Sale Tips – Make Your Stall Stand Out

The quality of your merchandise may be important, but never underestimate the power of an attractive pitch. you need to draw people in so that they can see what you have on offer. After all, you are in competition with perhaps up to another hundred stalls. Arrange your display for maximum effect. Many families will be out, and children will run off of their own volition. Have some toys prominent. Have your best books at the fore. Make some attractive signs and labels, and make your display stand out from the crowd. Move things around during the day so most of your stock gets plenty of attention. Different items will draw different people in. And perhaps just as importantly, get there early! Sales start early, and buyers will be there even earlier, hoping to snare the best deals. Get ahead of the competition by being one of the first to set up. Then you have the attention of a large section of the early birds.

What To Sell?

The general answer is whatever you want! This is a chance for you to get rid of all your unwanted items and make some extra cash. However, a car boot sale is not the best way to sell certain items. Near-new items of some value will not stand a good chance of selling at car boot sales. Buyers are generally after cheap bargains. You may  be better investigating whether an online auction is a better option for some items. After all, when I did a car boot sale, a Ted Baker shirt, as new, only sold for a pound. And I had to haggle extensively to get it up that high!The most sought after at car boots include toys, baby clothes, cheap technology, books and home wares. Pots and pans should sell. If you sell clothes, having a mirror at hand may help too.

Location, Location, Location

Any retailer will tell you that location is vital. If you arrive at a car boot sale as a seller, you will probably be told where to pitch. But if you get there early, you stand a good chance of getting a favourable position. You want to be at the heart of the action, not on the periphery. You want the area of the greatest foot fall, And it also helps to have good neighbours. By this i mean popular, attractive stalls nearby, which will help draw people in to the general area.

Customer Service

And perhaps as important as anything, is a positive vibe. You will attract people to your stall with a smile and a friendly demeanour. Be positive and helpful with enquiries, despite the tiring nature of the day. This can make all the difference if you engage with potential customers. They will choose to buy off you rather than an alternative stall with an identical item. A small gimmick may even help, like some free sweets or snacks. As long as you don’t eat into your profits.