Car Loans

Buying a car or vehicle of any type is a considerable investment and a major decision. It should never be rushed. If you require a car of any type but do not have the funds necessary to make the purchase, then a short term loan could be the best option for you. Moolr took a deeper look at car loans, and what they entail.

Car Loans – The costs of owning a car

As you will of course know, there are numerous costs associated with purchasing and running any motor vehicle. They are not cheap, and that is before we consider the ever-rising cost of fuel. However , do not despair. There are methods available that can assist you to keep these costs down.

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Car Insurance

Before you select your insurance plan, consider the type of vehicle involved and your personal needs. First off,  get the correct level of cover for your requirements. This is essential whether that is third party only, third party fire and theft or fully comprehensive. There are options available to you to reduce your cover. Always endeavour keep your vehicle secure at all times, as secure parking for example would help reduce your premium.

Car Maintenance

Regular vehicle services will reduce the chance of breakdowns and various other vehicle troubles (and the attached costs). You can carry out own checks too. This will help further ensure a safe vehicle and fewer problems on the road. Checks you can do include water and oil checks, tyre pressure measurements and more.


With fuel so pricey in the UK, it is a vital consideration when budgeting for a motor vehicle. There are a few ways you can save, by driving well, laying off air con if possible and shopping around petrol stations. Also pick a vehicle that is efficient, or consider the new range of hybrid or electronic vehicles.

Car Loans – Vehicle Model

If you have set your heart on a particular type of vehicle, as many of us do, this can cause a problem when the numbers don’t add up. Sadly our dream cars are rarely the cheapest. The alternative is to settle for a cheaper model instead or buy 2nd hand. Just make sure you have researched fully the car’s history before purchasing any vehicle that isn’t new.