How To Host A Dinner Party On A Budget

I have spent many a stressful hour or two planning having people over for dinner and worrying about how cooking for multiple people would be a costly affair. In the past i have even swerved inviting people to mine because i could not be hit with the cost of food and drink. But perhaps i […]

How To Stop Judging Yourself Against Others

Many of us end up judging our own loves according to how we compare to others. This is a bad mistake as we should be happy within ourselves. It is important that you make your own rules on how to be happy. We look at how to stop judging yourself against others. Stop Keeping Up […]

Credit Card Interest Rates Rise

Credit cards are an integral part of many of our lives. They afford us the opportunity to purchase items in advance of paying for them. But of course for many they are also troublesome and have resulted in many being sucked into a spiral of debt. This is even more the case with the news […]

Back To School Money-Saving Tips

The kids are back at school, and its the most expensive time of the year. A new school year brings with it a whole raft of new costs, and for some that can put an enormous strain on the family budget. With that in mind, Moolr took a look at some back to school money-saving […]

The Rising Cost Of Sending Your Children To School

In times of austerity and government cutbacks, it is a tough time for many. This is especially so for those with children, as they go back to school for another year. Costs seem to rise every year, and financing a child;s education is becoming increasingly difficult. The financial demands come from all directions. We looked […]

Spending Habits That Will Save You Money

We all have spending habits. Some have better ones than others. But for many of us, with money tight, we waste money because of those habits. Money that could be put to better use. Sometimes to improve our financial situation we do not need to make more money, but to waste less.  Moolr took a […]

Ensure You Pick The Right Loan Length

When deciding whether to take out a loan, the preoccupation is often with the idea of taking on extra debt, and having that hang over you. And the consideration of the extra budgeting required to make repayments. But a key factor in that final consideration, is the period over which to pay back what you […]

The Costs Of Owning A Pet

As an animal lover, I have had a wide variety of pets in my time. As a child, there were rabbits, goldfish and cats. As an adult, a pet rat, guinea pigs, tropical and marine fish and more. But what has always weighed on my mind is the costs involved, especially for that marine fish […]

Things You Should Not Use A Loan For

At Moolr, we are passionate about finding finance for all. We look to say yes to 4 out of 5 applicants, even if you have had a mixed credit history. However, we only source funding for those we think a loan is the best option. It is not the right answer for all, and should […]

Things To Get For Free

We all like to make our money go further each month. We have a huge range of expenses, money constantly exiting our accounts. But by becoming a bit more savvy, we can get plenty of life’s pleasures for free, without impacting on our quality of life. Moolr takes a look at things to get for […]