6 Steps for Budgeting for Holiday Expenses

Saving up for a holiday and paying for it with cash is usually the best option for your finances. When you don’t have to borrow money, you will come home relaxed, not restless with money worries. Here you can find our step by step guide on how you could save up for your next holiday, […]

The Best Financial Apps

With money central to all of our lives, and the need to budget essential for most, it makes sense to use the advances in technology to help us plan our lives. That is never more pertinent when talking about sorting our own finances. There are a raft of apps out there that can take the […]

A Guide To Budgeting

It is an issue Moolr revisit on a regular basis. Those that look to take out loans are by definition not awash with money. But as part of the advice we offer, we always suggest revisiting your finances before committing to a loan. See if you can make savings and free up some money. With […]

How To Save Money

It’s easier said than done, but we all aspire to put aside some money for an emergency, a treat or a rainy day. But it is not easy for those that operate daily on a tight budget. With that in mind, Moolr took a look at how to save money. Save money without doing anything […]

Ways to Avoid Using Your Overdraft

An overdraft is a handy tool for many of us that allows us a bit of leeway when money is tight. It feels almost like a free loan until you are back on your feet. However, it is important to be aware that using an overdraft is usually not free and can be a gateway […]

Ways To Give Something Back For Free

Most of us enjoy giving gifts as well as receiving. We take joy and satisfaction in helping others and assisting any way we can. For many though, financial struggles can make you feel helpless sometimes. You feel restricted in how you can help others, as often money is involved, as it usually is in most […]

Cut Your TV Subscription Costs

At Moolr we are passionate about saving people money, be it via competitive loans or through our blog section, jam-packed with ideas on how to make your pennies go further. With that in mind, in the latest of the series, we take a look at how to cut your TV subscription costs. YouTube YouTube is […]

Things To Buy 2nd Hand

It is human nature when looking to purchase an item to gravitate towards buying the item new. It is assumed to be in better condition, and have a longer shelf life. For some items this is undoubtedly the best option. Think mattresses and many items of clothing. But many other items are just as useful […]

How To Combat Rising Food Prices

Global forces work constantly to continually push the price of food up each year.  In some years, this may be due to a weak currency, floods, droughts and other issues. For the UK, Brexit’s effects, whilst still uncertain in many areas, will only exacerbate the problem. Without EU rebates and trade deals, the price and […]

Ways To Cut Your Energy Bills

With winter out the way, the warmer weather may bring you hopes of smaller energy bills. That is unless you’re a big user of fans of course! But the struggle to pay lower bills is constant, and not helped by the pricing models of the energy companies themselves. With that in mind, at a time […]