The Social Stigma Of Debt

At Moolr, we have talked about this topic before, but we thought it best to revisit. Debt will become an increasingly common problem for millions in the UK in the coming months. Many of us will have to navigate through significant financial difficulties. We take a look at the social stigma of debt. The Social […]

Short-Term Loans Explained

Short-term loans explained? Well it is a catch-all phrase really for any loan that requires repayment by the borrower in full in the short-term. Generally, any loan under a year can be considered to be one. However, the definition is not set in stone. We take a look at what is involved with these types […]

It’s Ok To Borrow

Borrowing is something we all do, unless you are super wealthy. Even then, in business, you may borrow anyway, in huge amounts. And yet there is still a reluctance to do it. We argue that it’s OK to borrow. It’s Ok To Borrow – Why The Stigma? There are two reasons for me. Firstly, it […]

The Basics Of Borrowing

We thought it a good time to look at the basics of borrowing. For many it is almost a dirty word, because it involves going into debt. But virtually all of us do it, repeatedly too, so we decided to examine what is involved. And also the options you may choose in a crowded market. […]

Bankruptcy And Your Home

Bankruptcy is a difficult process for anyone to go through, but for many that consider such a path, there is one clear concern. The potential loss of anyone’s greatest and most valuable asset, their home is of course horrific. But sadly with bankruptcy it is a possibility. We take a look at bankruptcy and your […]

Our Quick Guide To Debt Consolidation Loans

Want to be able to take more control of your finances? There is a solution, a debt consolidation loan, a debt consolidation loan allows you to merge multiple debt repayments into one, this will make it more manageable and affordable, as well as help you when it comes to saving on interest payments. Take a […]

What To Do When Declined For Credit

Many of us have had the feeling of being declined for finance. I certainly have, and recently too. It is not a good feeling, to say the least. It is demeaning, but more importantly it means your existing financial worries remain. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to work out why this has […]

Explaining Credit Searches

Credit searches are something we are all aware of. Financial institutions have done them on us all at some point or other, and we know that when we apply for financial products a check is likely. But just how much do you know about what you involve yourself with, with a search? Or the repercussions […]

How APR Works

We have briefly covered the issue of interest rates in the past, but felt that such an important issue deserved another look now that time has passed. We look at how APR works, and how interest rates affect every part of your life. How does APR work? APR stands for annual percentage rate. An annual […]

A Look At The Credit Reference Agencies

We have talked extensively in the past about credit scores and credit reports. About improving your score and the importance of a good report in getting finance. We thought it wise therefore to take a look at the credit reference agencies. Your Rights All credit reference agencies (CRAs) have a statutory obligation to provide you […]