Good Debt v Bad Debt

The word debt is often seen as a dirty word. Let’s be honest, we would all prefer to have no debt at all. It is something to aspire to, though for homeowners it tends to be a dream reserved for later in life. But we need to reevaluate what debt is and what it means. […]

Things That Damage Your Credit Score

It is an extremely common concern of those looking to borrow money that their credit score may prevent them from doing so. The current economic climate does not help. Banks have seemingly become more reluctant to lend money, though other lenders are less so. Unfortunately, if you’ve got anything less than a spotless credit rating, […]

A Look At Bankruptcy

It’s a word few of us dare speak. It conjures images and situations we think we could never find ourselves in. However, for many thousands in the UK each year, bankruptcy is the reality of their lives, and often the best path for them to take after encountering financial difficulties. With this in mind, Moolr […]

Dealing With Financial Mistakes

We all make financial mistakes. all of us. You cannot go through life without making some errors of judgement along the way. Some of mine make me shiver, but there is little point in dwelling on such matters. The key is in dealing with financial mistakes. How you react will shape how well you cope […]

How To Eliminate Debt In Bursts

For those that have debt and are trying hard to lower it, there have been a thousand approaches to do so. Many simply spread repayment across their debts steadily, paying off  a fixed amount each month. But others have a different approach, according to how they receive income, and when. Moolr take a look at […]

The Most Common Financial Mistakes

Whilst we all try and take good care of our financial mistakes, we are not perfect. Moolr has taken a look at the most common financial mistakes and at how people commonly do not make full use of the resources available to them. Excessive/Wasteful Spending It’s easy to fritter away what you have with seemingly […]

Avoid Obsessing Over Debt

Most of us have debt of some sort. Some have a little, some have a lot. and some are comfortable with what they have, and worry little about paying off what they owe. for many others however, the stress of debt can have dire consequences. Whilst we at Moolr do not have solutions where there […]

Ways To Improve Your Financial Health

Spend Less Than You Earn When looking at ways to improve your financial health, this one is perhaps a bit too obvious! If only life were that simple. But what you really need is organisation and a budget. A budget you must stick to. A budget is not enjoyable, admittedly, but it is necessary. It can […]

Ways To Save Money

We all want to save money. It’s natural, unless you have more money than sense, to want to make your money go as far as problem. There are a hundred ways to do this, and we’ve had a look at the issue in the past. But we felt it was time to revisit. So with […]

Credit Myths

For those that wish to borrow money, the state of a person’s credit score is crucial if they are to be accepted for a personal loan. It is not surprising therefore that a lot is written about how to improve a credit rating, or maintain a good score. However, not all the advice is pertinent, […]