Pros And Cons Of Bank Overdrafts

When discussing the pros and cons of bank overdrafts, it is important to look at what they involve, and the consequences of relying on one on a consistent basis. They are a useful tool for millions, but you should always use them sparingly. Treat Overdrafts Correctly An overdraft is a debt like any other, so […]

Finance Glossary – E & F

In the latest in the series of looking at financial terms, we tackle the letters E & F. We look at some common terms in this latest look at the finance glossary E & F, terms that often pop up when people are looking to use financial products. Finance Glossary E & F – Economy […]

Finance Terms – D

In our latest examination of finance terms, we turn our attention to the letter D. We hope that the series of articles we publish help you understand better some of the financial jargon used when companies and institutions sell their many products in a crowded and competitive market. Debt We all know a little or […]

There Should Be No Stigma In Borrowing & Debt

The loan market is one of the oldest in the world. People have been lending and borrowing money for thousands of years. In fact, all of use will have borrowed and are probably doing so right now, especially if you have a mortgage. And yet, there is still a stigma not only with borrowing but […]

How To Cut Debt In Five Steps

It’s amazing that it’s so easy to get into debt, but particularly difficult to get back out. It can take just a few months to create tens of thousands of pounds in debt, but decades to pay it off. Nevertheless, whatever your situation, there are steps you can take to try and reduce your debt […]

Should I Be A Guarantor?

Guarantor loans are a quite common financial product in the UK, as they provide finance for those that might struggle to get it elsewhere. However, the role of a guarantor comes with risks, and it is not a suitable product for everyone, because of the strain it can put on relationships. We took a look […]

What Are Finance Brokers?

It is a term you may hear a lot when dealing with financial products, but a term not understood by all. The term is broker, and is a key role when looking at the loan market in the UK and elsewhere. Moolr have taken a look at a common question: what are finance brokers? What […]

What To Do With Unused Credit Cards

Many of us will possess a significant number of credit cards. We may not even be fully aware of them all, as they remain active long after we ave had a use for them. Nevertheless, it is always assumed that an unused credit card is of no interest to anyone, including the owner. That is […]

Credit Card Interest Rates Rise

Credit cards are an integral part of many of our lives. They afford us the opportunity to purchase items in advance of paying for them. But of course for many they are also troublesome and have resulted in many being sucked into a spiral of debt. This is even more the case with the news […]

Things You Should Not Use A Loan For

At Moolr, we are passionate about finding finance for all. We look to say yes to 4 out of 5 applicants, even if you have had a mixed credit history. However, we only source funding for those we think a loan is the best option. It is not the right answer for all, and should […]