Costly Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards are a part of many of our daily lives. They are everywhere. And because they are such a part of the fabric of life, we somewhat take them for granted. And when we take such a powerful tool for granted, we often abuse and misuse them. The consequences of doing so can be […]

A Look At Compound Interest

Interest rates. They are important but also rather boring to understand! And yet we need to understand them as they affect everyone who takes on credit in any form. The problem is, there is more than one type. So let’s take a look at compound interest. Simple Interest or Compound Interest? Compound interest is the addition […]

Are Joint Loans A Good Idea?

It is a topic we have not discussed in detail on this blog site, but definitely one worth discussing. Are joint loans a good idea? It is not an easy question to answer of course. and it depends on personal circumstances. Let’s take a deeper look. What Are They? They are exactly what the name […]

Is Borrowing From Friends Or Family A Good Idea?

Many of us have needed access to extra funds now and then. We are put off at having an extra cost associated with borrowing, as that’s how it always works. Or does it? Because do you have to use a financial institution to access funds? We ask – is borrowing from friends or family a […]

Don’t Ignore Debt: Our Advice

My own story is a perfect example of ignoring debt problems, hoping they go away. So i thought it a good time to talk about debt, and how to handle it when it seems out of control .There’s just one key piece of advice in this ‘t ignore debt. Don’t Ignore Debt – My Story […]

Can Flexible Loans Help You Get On Track?

Flexible loans are a much-needed to help for many who need quick access to funds. However, added debt is not the right answer for all, as it can make matters even worse. So who should take out a loan, and when? We ask – can flexible loans help you get on track? Can Flexible Loans […]

How To Improve Your Credit Score

Credit scores are important for any of us wishing to utilise credit options for a variety of reasons. You need a fairly healthy report to get a mortgage, credit card, loan and more. So if you have a poor score, you need to work on improving it. We take a look at how to improve […]

Deciding A Loan Repayment Period

Deciding to take on extra debt is a big decision in itself. However, apart from the the decision to borrow, there are other considerations that are important when deciding your best options. One of those is how long you wish to have the debt outstanding. We look at the process of deciding a loan repayment […]

Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt

Many think that paying off debt is a simple process. You take spare funds, and pay it off. Simple. And yet it is not that simple for many, especially those with multiple debts or changeable income. We took a look at mistakes people make when paying off debt. Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt […]

Advice If You’re Struggling To Pay Bills

The UK lockdown and the effect it has had on the economy will naturally leave millions struggling to meet financial commitments. This may be in the form of mortgage or rent payments or simply covering utility costs. So what can you do? We put together some advice if you’re struggling to pay bills. Check If […]