How To Choose A Credit Card

In a very crowded market, it is hard to know which credit card, should you decide to get one, is best for you. They all have their pros and cons, and try to seduce you with a particular offer. We look at what is available, and how to choose a credit card. Why Do You […]

Place Your Financial Affairs on Auto Pilot

I decided to write about this topic because i think it is crucial to explain why i have struggled to deal with debt in the past. The fact is i am badly organised, and the failure to organise my repayments and have them automatically processed has slowed down my journey out of debt. It has […]

There Should Be No Stigma In Borrowing & Debt

The loan market is one of the oldest in the world. People have been lending and borrowing money for thousands of years. In fact, all of use will have borrowed and are probably doing so right now, especially if you have a mortgage. And yet, there is still a stigma not only with borrowing but […]

Make The Most Of Cashback

Cashback is a topic we have discussed in the past, as part of wider topics. But we feel it deserves an article of its own. It is after all an excellent way to get something back and replenish your bank account when you make a purchase. Moolr took a look at what is involved and […]

More Ways To Make Money Online

We’ve written plenty of blogs on this site about saving and making extra money, as we feel it important that potential borrowers examine their finances before committing to a loan. And see if they can solve financial worries by being more proactive. But there are endless ways to make money online, and so we’ve out […]

Can You Purchase A Property With Bad Credit?

Buying a property is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, undertaking we will make in our lives. It can be stressful, and for many it is simply a pipe dream. But many think that it is not just money that prevents them from getting on the property ladder. Many feel their own credit […]

The Craziest Ways To Save Money

I have written extensively on the blog site about how you can save money or make your pennies go that little bit further. But there are a few other options that could revolutionise your budget. Some of them though are radical and demand huge sacrifices. Nevertheless, they are worth a discussion. We took a look […]

How To Reduce Your Tax Bill

If the title of this blog seems rater too good to be true, then I understand your caution. If only it was that easy to reduce your tax bill after all. Well it is not easy, but there are plenty of legal methods that you may not be aware of. These could rightfully help knock […]

Why You Should Not Lend To Friends

Whilst Moolr are passionate about sourcing loans for all, we certainly do not suggest that every situation demands that you borrow money. We only look to find a loan for those for whom lending is the best option. Many who borrow money however do not use official channels, and look to those close to them […]

How To Manage Money On A Low Income

If you earn a low wage, every month can be a struggle to make ends meet, especially the week leading up to payday. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to make things easier for yourself. Having a set plan can help relieve the stress and keep your balance in the black. Moolr took a […]