Save Money During Food Shopping

Save money with savvy shopping. In part 2 of our series on saving money whilst doing grocery shops, we look at how to save money during your shop. There are numerous steps you can take to get full value for money and make your pennies go as far as possible. We look at ways to […]

Save Money Before A Food Shop

In the first part of our series on saving money in relation to food shopping and groceries, we start by looking at ways to save money before a food shop. We look at how you can prepare before you reach the supermarket so that you make your pennies go as far as possible. Do Your […]

Save Money After A Food Shop

In part 3 of our shopping series of blogs, we look at how to keep saving once your food shop is complete. Because that is no time to relax! Once you  have purchased your food, the job is only half done. There are still many ways that you can behave to ensure that you get […]

Cheap Tasty Meals – Part 2

In my last blog, I looked at a selection of cheap tasty meals, for those that want to eat well but in a budget. Which I would expect is a lot of people! However, I did not get to cover all of the options available, so I have taken a further look at some meals […]

Super Cheap Tasty Meals

If like me you like your food, it can be an expensive passion. I spend most days wondering about what i will eat that evening. I also do not skimp on ingredients, which is tough when i operate on a very tight budget in the rest of my life. But in recent times, I have […]

How To Save Money When You Eat Out

Whilst I am a keen home cook most nights, it is always nice eat out and have someone cook for you instead. It is an enjoyable treat, but for those on  a tight budget, it can be an all too rare occasion. Nevertheless, there are many ways to eat out on a budget, and eat […]

How To Make Your Food Budget Go Further

Researchers estimate that 10 million tonnes of food is wasted in the UK each year, with a value of £20m. Whilst some of this is via agricultural methods, there is also massive waste within households. Many of us end up throwing out a huge amount of food each year. With financial constraints stretching budgets more […]