Things You’re Entitled To Refunds For

There is little doubt that we all waste a lot of money over the passing of time. Be it wasted food, clothes we barely or never wear, or simply bad decisions or mistakes. There’s no avoiding losing money at some point, but there is definitely ways we can make those losses smaller. One way is […]

New Year Resolutions Don’t Work

It may be a tad late to mention this,but you need to abandon any resolutions you have made. They don’t work. If yours still are, that is great, but the reasons may be different to what you think. and you should not treat them as resolutions, but lifestyle changes. But new year resolutions do not […]

Reduce The Cost Of Learning To Drive

Learning to drive is not a cheap thing to do. Especially if you’re young, when most people tend to learn. The costs only increase more when you pass, and try and make your way in the world and on the worlds. But there are things you can do to save money. We look at ways […]

Tips In Reducing Bills

Some time ago, we looked at some ways to reduce your monthly or even annual bills. We decided to revisit the topic, as there were other ways that we did not cover. So below, we look at other ways to make some of your money go further. Here are some tips in reducing bills. Tips […]

Common Supermarket Mistakes – Part 2

As a follow up to our last article, I have listed a few additional things that are important when i think about common supermarket mistakes. Below are extra things for you to take into consideration. Using Offers We tend to think that all offers are great, and that we miss out if we do not […]

Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes

We write regularly about food and shopping as we feel it is an area in which we can do better and save money. And thus we are writing once more. This time, we are looking at common supermarket mistakes. We may surprise you with the savings and improvements you can make. Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes […]

Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles

As you should be well aware by now, plastic waste is one of the biggest problems facing the planet right now. It is something we must all do something to help out with. And we can. So we took a look at what can be done on an individual basis. We decided to consider some […]

Car Boot Sale Tips – Part 2

In my last article, i listed some car boot sale tips. What I didn’t realise as I began was just how many tips there were to list! So with that in mind, I decided to split the advice into two separate blogs. Thus, here is part 2, with a few bonus tips on how to […]

How To Choose A Smartphone

It seems everyone has one nowadays, and they are taking over the world. Smartphones used to be a curiosity for the select few, but now they are the norm. But with them becoming standard issue, the choice on the market is huge. This is especially so with new makers emerging with competitive pricing in the […]

How To Make Money Entering Competitions

It may surprise you that for some, entering competitions is pretty much a full-time job. It can be extremely lucrative for many, but of course requires time, and comes with no guarantees. After all, you could enter a thousand competitions and win nothing. We look at how to make money entering competitions. How To Make […]