How To Host A Dinner Party On A Budget

I have spent many a stressful hour or two planning having people over for dinner and worrying about how cooking for multiple people would be a costly affair. In the past i have even swerved inviting people to mine because i could not be hit with the cost of food and drink. But perhaps i […]

The Costs Of Owning A Pet

As an animal lover, I have had a wide variety of pets in my time. As a child, there were rabbits, goldfish and cats. As an adult, a pet rat, guinea pigs, tropical and marine fish and more. But what has always weighed on my mind is the costs involved, especially for that marine fish […]

Things To Get For Free

We all like to make our money go further each month. We have a huge range of expenses, money constantly exiting our accounts. But by becoming a bit more savvy, we can get plenty of life’s pleasures for free, without impacting on our quality of life. Moolr takes a look at things to get for […]

Things I Regret Spending Money On

Every month, money comes in and goes out of all of our bank accounts. We try to ensure that we do not spend more than we earn. Some expenses are necessities and essentials. Some others less so. But for me, there are certain items that whilst being quite necessary to spend money on, still annoy […]

Things To Stop Buying For A Month

We have talked regularly on this blog about budgeting, and how you can restructure what you spend money on to ensure you avoid financial difficulties. But what hasn’t been mentioned is a situation many of us find ourselves in from time to time. Namely a short-term problem with funds, with the knowledge that better times […]

Things Worth Paying For

We all love a bargain. With many of us having to constantly budget to get by each month, it makes sense to find value in things we spend our money on. We have talked about the best way to do that in many articles on this site. However, there are a few things in life […]

Wedding Loans

Wedding loans are a useful product for one of life’s most expensive undertakings. Whilst paying for a whole wedding with a loan is never to be encourages, these loans can help you pay for those little extras. And make your day extra special. Costly Occasions Weddings are happy days for all, but they can also […]

How To Book The Cheapest Flights

The buzz of booking a flight to foreign climes is hard to beat, but we all try and do so for as cheap a price as possible. There is such a range of prices out there for air flight, it pays to do research and source the best deal. Moolr have looked at how to […]

Save Money On Your Car – Part 2

In my last blog, I took a look at how to save money on your car. But there were other ways that we did not have time to cover. By being proactive and using some initiative, it is always possible to get your costs down. Moolr took another look at ways to save money on […]

Save Money On Your Car

When we look to budget and control what we spend when times are tough, for many a key cost is the motor vehicle we operate. They can hoover up large chunks of what we earn. But they are essential to many of our lives. However, despite the cost of petrol, insurance and the vehicles themselves, […]