How To Stock An Emergency Food Pile

We have written quite a lot about food during our time on the blog! About how to get value for money, eat cheaply and dig out offers. And much more. We thought it handy to write about another food topic that could be of help. That is how to stock an emergency food pile. Such […]

How To Fly For Less

Here at Moolr we have written extensively on tips and tricks to save money, make your money go further and make savings. We have written about flying cheaper before, but we feel there is more to say. With that in mind, we’ve noted down some extra advice on how to fly for less. How To […]

Money-Saving Camping Tips

We are passionate at Moolr about writing about how you can make your money go further. We have written extensively on how to find value, make more money, save and find things to do for nothing. So it seemed natural to talk about camping! This may seem a strange time of year to do so, […]

Free Weekend Activities

When money is tight, many of us tend to think this severely limits our social lives and what we can do. This is partly true, as many things do of course cost money. But nevertheless, you do not have to restrict your life by being short of funds. There are a thousand things you can […]

Make The Most Of Cashback

Cashback is a topic we have discussed in the past, as part of wider topics. But we feel it deserves an article of its own. It is after all an excellent way to get something back and replenish your bank account when you make a purchase. Moolr took a look at what is involved and […]

Ways To Make Things Last Longer

Times are hard. Tips in this blog may seem extreme and almost “tight” in their nature. And none of us want to be seen as tight. But the fact is there is no shame in getting the most out of what you purchase. And you will be better off for it. We look at ways […]

Items You Can Get For Free

We all like to make our money go as far as possible, so that we remove the stress of struggling to make ends meet. But even those on a tight budget can spend a lot of money on items they do not need to. With that in mind, Moolr take a look at some items […]

How To Enjoy A Cheap Holiday

The inspiration for writing this blog was that I am doing exactly what the title suggests as I type these words. I was invited on a holiday, but funds were a major issue, as they always are. Nevertheless, the nature of the holiday meant that I could make it happen, as it has been done […]

Vet Care On A Low Income

It is a problem that i have recently discovered and pontificated over. As a nation of animal lovers, there is a conflict for those of us who have to live on a tight budget. Looking after any animal can be a costly affair, and the cost should they get ill can be prohibitive. The average […]

How To Manage Money On A Low Income

If you earn a low wage, every month can be a struggle to make ends meet, especially the week leading up to payday. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to make things easier for yourself. Having a set plan can help relieve the stress and keep your balance in the black. Moolr took a […]