Finance Checklist – L

In the latest of our series looking at the terms used when discussing finance and the products associated with it, we move on in the alphabet. Next up on our finance checklist – L. Lending What those that provide finance do. Those that take advantage of them are borrowers. Lending is something we all do […]

Which Type Of Loan Is Best For Me?

At some point in our lives we may need to borrow money, and not just a quick favour from friends or family, but a proper financial transaction that requires a contract, repayments and so on. As you probably are aware, it is not just banks that grant loans any more. There are loan companies that […]

understanding financial jargon a

Understanding Financial Jargon – A

At Moolr we know that sometimes, the financial jargon can be difficult to understand. In this series of blogs, we will explain some of the most common terms so that you can be in the know instead of out in the cold. We try to help you in understanding financial jargon. A Understanding Financial Jargon […]

Finance Glossary

A Acceptance rate A good place to start a finance glossary. This is the percentage of customers who are successful in their application for a loan, credit card or any financial product. At least 66% of successful applications have to be offered the advertised rate, known as the typical APR (see Typical APR).For the others […]


Money, Loans & All Things Finance: A Glossary

A look at some of the common terms used when discussing loans, financial products and money in general…Money, Loans & All Things Finance: A Glossary A Acceptance Rate This is the percentage of customers who lenders accept for a loan or credit card. Of those the lenders approve, they must offer the advertised rate to […]