Should You Consolidate Debt?

Debt consolidation. It’s a phrase we hear all the time. It sounds great too, as if everyone with debt should be doing what it says. But is it? Should you consolidate debt?  We took a look at what is involved. Should You Consolidate Debt? What Is Its Purpose? The principle of debt consolidation is that […]

Costly Credit Card Mistakes

Credit cards are a part of many of our daily lives. They are everywhere. And because they are such a part of the fabric of life, we somewhat take them for granted. And when we take such a powerful tool for granted, we often abuse and misuse them. The consequences of doing so can be […]

Eat Well for Less

It is of great importance to many of us right now to look after what money we have. And to make optimal use of it therefore. Part of that is of course eating, and food. But you can eat well without having to spend a large amount of money. Here is how to eat well […]

Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance is one of those costs that we could really do without. An extra cost that can be huge, and really push up the costs of running a vehicle. There are many factors that determine how much you will need to pay for insurance. We took a look at factors that affect car insurance […]

How To Save Money By Spending Money

How to save money by spending money? That doesn’t seem to make much sense? And yet sometimes you really can spend money in order to make it. It just might be further down the line that you really see the benefits. We take a look at some of the ways it can be done. How […]

Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt

Many think that paying off debt is a simple process. You take spare funds, and pay it off. Simple. And yet it is not that simple for many, especially those with multiple debts or changeable income. We took a look at mistakes people make when paying off debt. Mistakes People Make When Paying Off Debt […]

Advice If You’re Struggling To Pay Bills

The UK lockdown and the effect it has had on the economy will naturally leave millions struggling to meet financial commitments. This may be in the form of mortgage or rent payments or simply covering utility costs. So what can you do? We put together some advice if you’re struggling to pay bills. Check If […]

Is Debt Consolidation A Good Thing?

It has been a while since we have discussed debt consolidation. And whilst we have broached this subject before, it is always good to revisit and reconsider every now and again. With that in mind, we ask: is debt consolidation a good thing? Is Debt Consolidation A Good Thing? – What Is It? As the […]

Ways To Pay Off Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt. A blight on many of our lives. We spend all our spare funds on trying to pay them off, and half our time worrying about them. Those that say money doesn’t bring happiness have not had to deal with spiralling debt. So what can you do about it? We look at ways […]

Steps To Take To Improve Financial Discipline

I am sitting here typing, but my mind is elsewhere. I am thinking about buying a jacket for £80. I need a thin jacket, but as I rarely leave the house under a lockdown, it is hardly essential. And it does not have to cost £80. But after the discipline of early lockdown, cabin fever […]