How To Host A Dinner Party On A Budget

I have spent many a stressful hour or two planning having people over for dinner and worrying about how cooking for multiple people would be a costly affair. In the past i have even swerved inviting people to mine because i could not be hit with the cost of food and drink. But perhaps i […]

Spending Habits That Will Save You Money

We all have spending habits. Some have better ones than others. But for many of us, with money tight, we waste money because of those habits. Money that could be put to better use. Sometimes to improve our financial situation we do not need to make more money, but to waste less.  Moolr took a […]

The Costs Of Owning A Pet

As an animal lover, I have had a wide variety of pets in my time. As a child, there were rabbits, goldfish and cats. As an adult, a pet rat, guinea pigs, tropical and marine fish and more. But what has always weighed on my mind is the costs involved, especially for that marine fish […]

Things To Get For Free

We all like to make our money go further each month. We have a huge range of expenses, money constantly exiting our accounts. But by becoming a bit more savvy, we can get plenty of life’s pleasures for free, without impacting on our quality of life. Moolr takes a look at things to get for […]

Things To Stop Buying For A Month

We have talked regularly on this blog about budgeting, and how you can restructure what you spend money on to ensure you avoid financial difficulties. But what hasn’t been mentioned is a situation many of us find ourselves in from time to time. Namely a short-term problem with funds, with the knowledge that better times […]

Tips If Struggling With Debt

Borrowing money, whether it is from a lender or even from a friend or family member, always relies on trust. Trust from the lender that the debt will be repaid in full. Trust that terms will be kept to. Thus if you are struggling with debt, it can add extra stress to feel that you […]

How To Cut Travel Costs

We often overlook when planning our finances just how much many of us spend on travel. Be it work or pleasure, a large chunk of our hard-earned money can be lost just by getting from one place to another. And back. But there are usually ways of reducing what we spend. Moolr looked at how […]

Budget Gift Ideas

For those that live on a budget, it can be a constant strain and worry as the next birthday of a loved one appears on the horizon. More cost to add to your already stretched budget. But impending birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas etc does not have to be a problem. You can improvise, be creative and […]

Free Things To Do In A City

Many of us often assume that to have fun and go out costs money. Often it does. But every city on the planet offers a wealth of free activities constantly that allows you to have an active social life without breaking the bank. Using my home city of Manchester as an example, I have had […]

Lifestyle Changes That Will Save You Money

In times of austerity we all look for ways to make our money go further. For those that live on a tight budget, the need is even greater. Moolr have looked before at ways to budget and drop unnecessary costs, but felt there was more ways we had yet to mention. Thus we present some […]