Common Supermarket Mistakes – Part 2

As a follow up to our last article, I have listed a few additional things that are important when i think about common supermarket mistakes. Below are extra things for you to take into consideration. Using Offers We tend to think that all offers are great, and that we miss out if we do not […]

Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes

We write regularly about food and shopping as we feel it is an area in which we can do better and save money. And thus we are writing once more. This time, we are looking at common supermarket mistakes. We may surprise you with the savings and improvements you can make. Common Supermarket Shopping Mistakes […]

Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles

As you should be well aware by now, plastic waste is one of the biggest problems facing the planet right now. It is something we must all do something to help out with. And we can. So we took a look at what can be done on an individual basis. We decided to consider some […]

Car Boot Sale Tips – Part 2

In my last article, i listed some car boot sale tips. What I didn’t realise as I began was just how many tips there were to list! So with that in mind, I decided to split the advice into two separate blogs. Thus, here is part 2, with a few bonus tips on how to […]

Car Boot Sale Tips

If your house is full of unwanted clutter, it’s a good time to think about going to a car boot sale. I have done a couple in my time, and found it extremely rewarding and interesting, to my surprise. Just prepare yourself for an early start! We decided to take a look at what you […]

How To Live Frugally

It’s sadly a topic we revisit regularly, but with Xmas out of the way, for many January can be the most difficult month of all, financially. Once more we have to watch every penny and be careful what we spend money on. With that in mind, it is sometimes good to revisit topics, and see […]

Finance Terms – D

In our latest examination of finance terms, we turn our attention to the letter D. We hope that the series of articles we publish help you understand better some of the financial jargon used when companies and institutions sell their many products in a crowded and competitive market. Debt We all know a little or […]

Understanding Financial Jargon – B

With the wealth of financial products that exist out there, it is easy and understandable if you get confused by all the terms that are used. Terms used to describe said products. It is important you do though, as you want to get the best deal for yourself. And also understand the terms of any […]

What To Do After Beating Debt

Debt can feel like a huge weight on your shoulders, weighing you down and making every part of life difficult.  It becomes a singular goal to rid yourself of this weight. But whilst we have written extensively about how to rid ourselves of debt, we ave not talked about what to do should you reach […]

Financial Tips For 2020

And so to a new year, and a new decade. For those of us (most, i assume) that have to keep a constant look on our finances, the new year brings no change. We have to keep trying all we can to make our money go as far as possible. However, many use a new […]