Finance Glossary – O & P

The next in our series looking at finance terms moves us along the alphabet, to cover some common terms. Next up in our finance glossary – O & P. Overdrafts An overdraft is an extension of credit from a lending institution that is granted when an account reaches zero. In simple terms, an overdraft means that […]

Pros And Cons Of Bank Overdrafts

When discussing the pros and cons of bank overdrafts, it is important to look at what they involve, and the consequences of relying on one on a consistent basis. They are a useful tool for millions, but you should always use them sparingly. Treat Overdrafts Correctly An overdraft is a debt like any other, so […]

Overdraft charges

Bank Overdrafts: Are They The Best Option For Anyone?

Overdrafts. A term we’re all familiar with, and a banking facility millions of us utilise every year, often with barely a second thought. But with all the options available to us for accessing extra funds, from short-term loans to credit cards to new accounts, are we right to? Authorised overdrafts, those agreed with your bank, […]