How To Check Your Credit Score

For those looking to borrow money, or for anyone who uses finance in their life, credit scores are everything. A good score means you have access to the best deals on the market, at the best rates. A poorer score however means that you will be restricted in what you can borrow. What’s more the […]

Eat Well On A Budget

If i am honest, i think about food a lot. In fact i think about it almost constantly. I like cooking, and I like good food. But apart from the fact that i am not always efficient in how i buy food, the good things in life are often the most expensive too. But it […]

Money Saving Decisions That Actually Cost You More

We all constantly scour shops and the internet for deals that save us money. We constantly cut corners and avoid paying certain things to save money. But do they always work. Moolr have taken a look, and discovered some money saving decisions that cost you more in the long run. Using Offers For The Sake […]

Top Tips For Buying On eBay – Part 3

Moolr previously published two articles containing top tips for buying on eBay – Part 1 can be found here, and Part 2 here. But with so many tips on how to get the best deals on eBay, we have added a final 3rd part, with yet more great ideals to make your pennies go further. […]

Top Tips For Buying on eBay – Part 2

In our previous blog post, Moolr took a look at some top tips for buying on eBay. We did not get to mention all the ways you can use the site to your advantage however, so have followed up with more tips. Enjoy! Check Seller Locations It is important that you do this for numerous […]

Top Tips For Buying on eBay

In austere times, many of us are always looking not only for good value, but a bargain. When we buy an item, we want to know we got a good deal. With the vast nature of eBay, there are plenty of good deals to be had for all of us. Moolr have written some top […]

Financial Tips

If you are one of those many people who struggle to get by each month, or struggle to save, then these tips may help. With a bit of sensible budgeting and a few changes here or there, your life can be changed. Moolr have put together some financial tips that could be of use to […]

Why You Should Keep A Spending Diary

Many people have little idea about what they spend. This is surprising when you consider that many of these people are often short of money. If they checked every outgoing it would most likely shock them. Most feel as though their income should be enough but some months can be a real struggle. Some are […]

A Guide To Home Improvements: Part 2

In part 1 of Moolr’s guide to home improvements, we had a look at some of the ways of improving a home, either for yourself or if looking to raise the value before selling. There are plenty of other areas we couldn’t cover in the article however. Thus, here’s further tips as part of our […]

A Guide To Home Improvements

Whether you want to spruce up your existing house, or want to move on and make your place as attractive as possible to prospective buyers. home improvements are always beneficial. Moolr have taken a look at some of the many ways you can improve your residence. This is our brief guide to home improvements. Where […]