Common Supermarket Mistakes – Part 2

As a follow up to our last article, I have listed a few additional things that are important when i think about common supermarket mistakes. Below are extra things for you to take into consideration.

Using Offers

We tend to think that all offers are great, and that we miss out if we do not use them. That is simply not true. Now, reduced prices of supermarket items are a great thing. When I do an online shop, I use offers extensively, but only for items that were on my shopping list. For example, if i plan to buy cheddar cheese, I will buy some that is reduced, as I am not picky about brand. But putting every offer into your shopping basket is not clever. Items may be good value, but only if they are of use to you. If you would not have bought such an item if it were not on offer, are you really winning?

Common Supermarket Mistakes – Not Using Rewards Card

Many a time I have gone to a supermarket having forgotten my reward card. I have dismissed it as unimportant, as it would only have saved me a few pennies. True, but over time, those pennies add up, and there is simply no logical reason not to use your reward cards on every occasion possible. Last year i logged into my Nectar account and was shocked to discover £50 of points in there. I used the points to buy a pan set reduced from £100, for free.

Paying With Cards

I know many will not agree with this, which is fair enough. This is not a mistake as such, but something to consider. And the thing i ask you to consider is to pay for food shops with cash. This is because you get a great understanding of what it is costing, and it helps you remain disciplined during a shop. When you pay with a card, sometimes it doesn’t feel like real money you are spending, making you more extravagant. This is especially so with a credit card, which you can defer payment on.

Common Supermarket Mistakes – Shopping When Hungry (Or Drunk!)

Never let a rumbling stomach dictate your shopping habits! You will only end up buying loads more stuff than normal. Stick to your usual plan. I once went to the supermarket after the pub and ended up spending over £100, including a whole duck!

Perils Of Shopping Online

Online supermarket shops have been great for me. I regularly get money off vouchers from certain supermarkets, and you get free delivery. You also get to see all the offers, so that you can get a ton of discounts. Though remember only buy items that you would normally anyway. The peril of online shopping is that you do not pick the goods yourself. This can be problematic as you may end up with items with a shorter shelf life than if you had done a physical shop. So keep that in mind, when buying fresh food.