Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles

As you should be well aware by now, plastic waste is one of the biggest problems facing the planet right now. It is something we must all do something to help out with. And we can. So we took a look at what can be done on an individual basis. We decided to consider some creative uses for plastic bottles.

Kitchen storage

There is more than one way to reuse plastic bottles in a kitchen environment. Remove labels and wash out and the world is your oyster, as long as you have a pair of scissors handy. The obvious choice is to reuse it for its original purpose – as a container. There is no end to the amount of things you can use it to store. Bottles are easy to put from, so it makes plenty of sense. Rice, pasta, grains, sugar and more can all be kept there, within easy reach. You can decorate and label your bottles too to make it more attractive and to avoid confusion.

Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles – Watering can

I actually made one of these for indoor use, as I reside in a flat! But it is a great idea, as there was little point me spending money on a watering can, when any bottle can dispense moisture to plants. Find a bottle with a lid, and simply punch small holes into the lid. Fill with water add off you go.

Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles  – Plant Pots

Plastic bottle can of course hold anything that is not too heavy, so why not improvise and save money once more by designing your own plant pots? Cut to the appropriate shape, and put small holes in the bottom so that it replicates the role of a normal plant pot. Once more you can design your plastic bottles to enhance its surroundings. It is not just plants that can be placed in such bottles. Try growing some herbs too. Basil and chillies are the two that I have found easiest to grow – and keep alive!

Snack bowls

A well-decorated bottle cut to size does not have to look cheap or an imitation of a real bowl. You may be surprised how nice you can make your own bowl. You can even melt the plastic edge to give the bowl a more realistic look.

Creative Uses For Plastic Bottles – Vase

Vases are not cheap, in fact they can be very expensive indeed. If you like flowers around your house, you will already possess some vases. But sometimes it is possible to have more flowers than you can hold! So why not make your own vase from a plastic bottle? It is the perfect shape for holding flowers, after-all. Drop some stones into the base to weigh it down.

Return To Sender

Recycling is of course your final option – any plastic, any bags, can be recycled, or returned to the provider. As an example, i return any shopping bags form home shops back to the supermarket that supplied them. They even give you a financial reward for doing so, so there is no excuse!