Current Offers To Save You Money

As many will be struggling heavily with money right now. I thought it a good time to look at some of the offers that companies and the government are offering to assist at this difficult time. Here are some of the current offers to save you money.

Credit Card Companies/ Loans/ Mortgages Etc

If you are struggling to make your monthly repayments, then get in touch with the relevant companies. They have all released statements declaring they will try and help those hit by the coronavirus, but what they actually offer differs. Getting through on the phone to such companies at the current time is nigh on impossible, so it may be difficult to clarify what help is being offered. Some companies have automatically things like a payment holiday, so that no action is necessary from you. Check online to see what is on offer. Mortgages can also be frozen of course.

Current Offers To Save You Money – Bank Overdraft Rates

New rules for overdraft interest rates were due to come into place in April after an investigation over charges from the FCA. This would have seen a set interest rate on overdrafts just short of 40%. Thankfully most banks have put off this rise in rates for a few months because of the coronavirus.


It is very safe to order food during the lock down. There are stringent rules in place, including food being left on doorsteps, and thus a contact free experience. Because of the struggles of many food establishments, many restaurants have turned into takeaway establishments. And also, there are plenty of money off  deals. Uber Eats for example often offers money off, and free delivery options too. Check what is available in your area.

Current Offers To Save You Money – Online Sales

There are always sales online of course. However, there are more than ever right now as companies are desperate for business. So do look online for great offers, though only if you were planning to purchase items anyway. There is little point spending money for the sake of it. 


Those that have Skysports can have payments frozen, though the channels will remain active on your TV package. The freeze can be done online or via their app. 

Government Help

Check how all the government announcements from the chancellor of the exchequer affect you as a worker. For me, as a self-employed person, i will get 80% of last year’s wage for at least 3 months, which will be a great help. However, i do not expect to receive any money until June.